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October 22, 2010

Josh Hamilton



Q. Tell us everything you're feeling right now.
JOSH HAMILTON: It's all happening pretty fast. It's not sank in yet.
You know what, I'm so excited for this team, for this city. You know, something that's never happened here before. So to be part of something like that means the world. It's something that nobody can take away from you. Very excited.

Q. Did you have any inkling, any premonition early in the day or prior to the game starting that this was how it was going to come out?
JOSH HAMILTON: You know what, might as well -- I always tell the truth anyway. So my wife, before this round actually started, she was reading Joshua, I believe, in the Bible, and talking about having victory in the homeland. She said, "I feel like you guys are going to New York, but it's going to end up back here and you guys are going to win." And I said, which game, and she couldn't tell me. She didn't know but I was glad it was tonight.

Q. Can you talk about the lows of where you were, and how far you've come and is this the top of the mountain so far.
JOSH HAMILTON: Well, it's not the top of the mountain until I get to stand in front of my savior one day. The biggest thing is giving glory to God. That's the reason I am where I am at this moment at this very time. Our relationship with Christ, I mean, on a day-to-day basis keeps me on the right path.
So like I said earlier, all throughout the game I was tearing up; is this going to be it tonight, and thinking about where I was, and everything I went through, and how God was just faithful and to bring me out of it.

Q. At what point this year did you guys sincerely believe that all of this was possible?
JOSH HAMILTON: I would probably say when interleague started. I don't know what month that was, do you?

Q. June.
JOSH HAMILTON: So sometime around June. We were just playing really good baseball. I mean, we were doing all of the things good teams do to win. Playing small ball, you know, power, playing defense, pitching well, all of these things, and we saw how it could work, you know, if we did all of those things and how good we could be.
At that point, I think we started really believing in ourselves and believing that we were better than everybody else.

Q. Could you talk about the job that Ron Washington did with you guys throughout the season and into the playoffs?
JOSH HAMILTON: Yeah, he's an unbelievable manager. He's a great player's coach. He's always encouraging us. At the same time, if we do something wrong, he'll jump on us. But you know, doesn't do it to embarrass us in front the team. Pulls us to the side and calls us into the office.
He's a guy of great integrity. He means what he says. And you know what, for Wash, he's been in the game a long time, and this is pretty special for him to be here this year and to be right here to the end with us.

Q. Talk about your teammates, what they have meant to you, and we hear you guys get along great and there's all this camaraderie and you guys are a happy bunch. Just expand more on that, if you will.
JOSH HAMILTON: I mean, baseball is a kid's game. Yeah, we are all grown ups and have children, a lot of us, but we have to remember where it all started and it's about having fun. We do that well together.
So I mean, the chemistry is just unbelievable as far as in the clubhouse. We never take anything too seriously. But at the same time, our focus level is up, always.
So it's been fun.

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