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October 22, 2010

Alex Prugh


Q. What adjustment did you make today before you teed off knowing that whatever it was certainly got yourself within this tournament at the top?
ALEX PRUGH: Honestly, I never make any adjustments. I think a big difference is fortunately where you take some grip off and had some nice clean greens to putt on versus yesterday it got a little soft and bumpy.
Realistically I didn't really hit the ball all that great all day. Just happened to have a great seven holes starting off the round, honestly.

Q. Can you explain what happened with that quick run, that run of good luck?
ALEX PRUGH: Hit a good wedge shot on 10, made birdie; hit a good 9-iron on 11 and made birdie. Good 9-iron on 12, made birdie.
You know, a lot of those were like 10 feet, and honestly, I didn't get up-and-down on the next hole for birdie, but made a great long putt on the par-3 for 2 and then made a long one on the par-4 for eagle, and two-putted for birdie on the others.

Q. Did you have a sense when you came into Vegas this week that you could put up a number like this?
ALEX PRUGH: Oh, definitely. I finished second last week.

Q. That's what I mean.
ALEX PRUGH: So I mean I've played these courses a million times, so definitely high expectations. Hopefully 11-under will stay towards the lead throughout the day.

Q. The course is playing a little bit longer. You really didn't make any adjustments for that?
ALEX PRUGH: Not really.

Q. To get to the spots you want to get to?
ALEX PRUGH: Not really. There's a lot of drivers out here on this course anyways. I mean I still hit some 3-woods off the tees. I mean it's just a matter of getting in the fairways just helps that much more, and feeling it.

Q. Did you have a number in mind when you came out this morning? 4-under, you were fine. You're okay, but --
ALEX PRUGH: Oh, yeah. I don't really ever wake up in the morning and be like, oh, I have to shoot 6-under or I have to do this, you know, get to that many under.
You know, you always take one hole at a time, one shot at a time and give yourself looks at birdie, which I did a great job of that early on. Could use a little work on the other nine, even though I was even par, but could always be better.

Q. What was working best for you today then, when you look back on your round?
ALEX PRUGH: I mean realistically, beyond my caddy.

Q. Yeah.
ALEX PRUGH: I mean early on I hit a couple of good shots close, and I also made some putts, you know. But there's still good putts outside six, seven feet.

Q. Was the rain giving you any problems at all or?
ALEX PRUGH: Not really. I mean an umbrella and a jacket on versus not having one on.

Q. I thought maybe in terms of just ball striking or putting or whatever.
ALEX PRUGH: Oh, not really. It just makes the course a little softer, but I mean it's soft enough as it is.

Q. The course is in good enough shape, it's able to absorb all the moisture and everything?
ALEX PRUGH: Uh-huh. And I didn't rain too long, like a couple holes.

Q. Great. Good deal.

Q. Recording 7-under for your first seven holes. It's not even 8:00 in the morning when you're making all these birdies.
ALEX PRUGH: It's a great start. Obviously the ham-and-cheese omelette the chef made me was the key or something like that, I guess, but made a bunch of great putts early on, and not a whole lot of times you're 7-under through seven.

Q. Take me through the eagle at 15.
ALEX PRUGH: I actually hit a perfect drive just on pin high just right, on the green, and funny enough, I absolutely murdered my putt. I mean this thing might have not stayed on the greens, but fortunately it stayed dead center of the cup. One of those you kind of just turn around and start laughing and like I'm running away with a 2, so.

Q. You turned 29. Did you have any thoughts of a really exotic number coming in?
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit. My caddy is wearing a 59 hat right now. There was definitely thoughts of, gosh, I only have to make five birdies on this side. Unfortunately I got off to a little slow start and shot even par on that side and just never quite got as good of looks at birdies as I did on the first couple holes.

Q. Played so well last week, in the rain. It starts raining out here again. Did it feel familiar to you?
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit, but at the same time, I'm like, gosh, I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada. What's with this rain? It rains like three days a year and it happens to be this entire week.

Q. You and your wife Katie recently moved here.
ALEX PRUGH: It's great sleeping in our own bed, and love sleeping next to her, too, so it's great.

Q. Now, your regular TOUR caddy wasn't on the bag last week. You had a substitute. Trying to spread the money around this week for all the caddies?
ALEX PRUGH: Same guy as last week, and you know what, fortunately my caddy is a great player himself.

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