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October 22, 2010

Kelly Tan


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Kelly Tan, even par round of 71 today. Leading Malaysian so far. Kelly, obviously an enormous tournament here in your home country. What were your thoughts this morning going into the tournament and your thoughts now that you've played the first round?
KELLY TAN: I was really excited on the way here, and I see the crowd, and everybody was like, "Malaysia, Malaysia." And I was so happy so many people are supporting me.
And I was really looking forward to this week, and I've trained really hard for it.
THE MODERATOR: You made a fabulous start birdieing the first hole. Tell us about that birdie and what was going through your mind then as well.
KELLY TAN: I was a bit nervous the first few holes, but the first birdie really gave me great confidence, and I got birdie, par, par and bogeyed the fourth. But I birdied a few holes back and I recovered.
THE MODERATOR: Can you tell us about the shots you had, what club you had and how far you hit the ball to?
KELLY TAN: I hit a driver down the meat off the fairways, and then I had another 135 meter to the flag, and I took my 7-iron out and hit a fade and made my way to the flag and had about a foot and I made the birdie.
THE MODERATOR: Perfect. And then as you said, the back nine -- the front nine you had a couple of bogeys there, but then you had a really fantastic back nine, two birdies. Tell us about what happened there.
KELLY TAN: I didn't do anything different. I just keep hitting the fairways, keep hitting the greens. And I sank a few long putts, and yeah, two birdies on the back nine.

Q. You had a couple of long putts. How long were your birdie putts?
KELLY TAN: My birdie putts on the back nine?

Q. Yes.
KELLY TAN: One was about two foot, and another one was about 25 foot. The par-5. Yeah. I birdied both par-5s.

Q. And did the rain in any way interrupt your flow today?
KELLY TAN: No. During the delay I went and do some stretching and keep myself mentally ready before I hit off.
THE MODERATOR: During the delay I saw you up in the lobby there, lots of people asking questions, speaking to you. Was it distracting or was it exciting? What was your feeling?
KELLY TAN: No. It's exciting. This is what I want, you know. And I was really happy today, shot 71.

Q. What was Duncan's last words to you this morning before you teed off?
KELLY TAN: Just enjoy it, keep sticking to your game plan and have fun.

Q. What's the plan tomorrow?
KELLY TAN: My plan? I'm not going to tell you my plan. (Laughs). Hit more fairways, hit more greens, sink more putts.

Q. You have a strong field and you're in a very good position. So what do you do to calm yourself?
KELLY TAN: Actually I will just do normal stuff.

Q. Which is?
KELLY TAN: Which is, my routine in the morning, go to the range, go to the toilet, put my sun blocks, go to the putting greens and stick to my game plan.

Q. What's your goal?
THE MODERATOR: As far as finishing position.
KELLY TAN: I will be really happy to make it to the Top 10 for my birthday present.
THE MODERATOR: When is your birthday?
KELLY TAN: 26 of October.
THE MODERATOR: Everybody put that in your diary. Monday, right?
KELLY TAN: Tuesday.
THE MODERATOR: So you're aiming for the Top 10. And after today?
KELLY TAN: After today, I'm about 23.
THE MODERATOR: So you feel very happy with that start in the chase of your goal?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. I'm happy, yeah.

Q. Is this obviously the best score you have got in your starts?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. I would say. Because I didn't really play a full round. Just a practice.

Q. So you hadn't played a full round yet?
KELLY TAN: I played a full round, but I didn't count my score. Just get the audition. Everything done.

Q. After you finished the second international, you said you wanted to play with Natalie Gulbis?
KELLY TAN: Ai Miyazato. I don't mind to play with Natalie. She's a very nice girl.

Q. So what's your feeling of actually playing with professional players?
KELLY TAN: Of course, I feel very happy and great. They are all very nice, and we have a lot of fun out there.

Q. Did you pick up any tricks, lessons from Natalie?
KELLY TAN: No. We just talk about where to go, where to go shopping, what's good food here.
THE MODERATOR: What shops did you recommend? What food did you recommend?
KELLY TAN: Of course I recommend all of our Malaysian food. Chinese food.
KELLY TAN: Derenne. I don't like Derenne.

Q. Healthy Chinese?
KELLY TAN: Not healthy.

Q. Will you be surprised that a lot of people will be following you tomorrow?
KELLY TAN: Of course. I will be really happy if like a lot of supporters will be following me.

Q. Some golfers get nervous and pressure when they feel a lot of focus watching. Obviously not for you. Do you feel more motivated to see more people out here?
KELLY TAN: Yeah. Of course you get a little bit nervous on the first tee, but after all, it's okay. I stand out today.
KELLY TAN: Thank you.
THE MODERATOR: Well, thank you, Kelly. Congratulations. Fantastic start. Good luck tomorrow.
KELLY TAN: Thank you.

End of FastScripts

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