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October 21, 2010

Bruce Bochy


Phillies – 4
Giants - 2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bruce Bochy.

Q. Could I ask you about the Cody Ross tag-up in the fourth inning there. Good play? Bad play? Indifferent?
BRUCE BOCHY: I'm sure Cody will tell you now it's not a good play with making a third out there. I think he felt that he had it easy. And Werth made a terrific throw. I mean, right on the money. Cody's eyes, that was an easy one.
But it's the last thing you want to do is make a third out there. He knows it.

Q. Bruce, that inning where they scored the three runs was kind of a goofy deal. How did you see that play that Buster picked up there on the plate and Pablo didn't get the tag? Just take us through --
BRUCE BOCHY: Actually, it's a bad bunt. And they got a break there. Buster did a great job giving it to Pablo. He just couldn't find the bag and fell down there.
But we're inches away from getting a double play and the bunt was right in front of home plate. At that point the third baseman goes back to the bag and we had a force there, and he wasn't running. So that's a missed opportunity for us not getting the double play, and it came back to haunt us.

Q. There was some sloppiness involved in that play, the Cody play. Is it frustrating for you not to play your most crisp game at this point of the year?
BRUCE BOCHY: It's going to happen. These guys have been doing a great job on defense. And we're playing a really good club that you can't give extra outs to. And the other game we lost, we played a little sloppy there, too. And when you're going against a good team like this, you have to play your best ball. We had a hiccup in that inning and gave them some extra outs and it came back to get us.
But I thought Timmy threw the ball well. He did a nice job out there. We just didn't play real crisp tonight.

Q. It was pretty obvious that Halladay was struggling a lot tonight, but yet he managed to hang on. Can you talk a little bit about that performance?
BRUCE BOCHY: Gutty effort by him. I thought we had some good at-bats. We hit some balls decent, too, and couldn't find some holes.
But I thought we worked him pretty good. But you give him credit. It was a gutty effort by him. But we had him on the ropes a few times, and we were just missing another hit. Made a couple of mistakes there. But you had two guys out there competing well tonight. But Halladay, you give him credit. He probably didn't have his best stuff but found a way to get it done.

Q. Obviously people here were hoping the Giants would clinch tonight. You're going back. Do you think there's a little bit of depression among the team; do you think they can rally again and start going like they have all season?
BRUCE BOCHY: With this club, as you know, we don't do anything easy. And what they've been through, they'll put this behind us. And, believe me, under no illusion did we think this was going to be easy playing a great club.
So we took the series here and got close to getting it tonight. Just made a couple mistakes. But we'll put this behind us and fly out tomorrow and get ready for the next game.

Q. You said Tim threw the ball well. What in particular was he doing? Working the plate, doing different things?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I thought Timmy was being himself out there. He used all his pitches. He had the long inning there. And that probably caught up with him a little bit there. And the pitcher does have a tendency to make a mistake when they're having to work hard in a long inning. But he got his second wind and I thought he got better as he went there and was throwing the ball very well. And the last couple of innings, he was sharp and hit his spots.
But a long inning does catch up with the pitcher sometimes. And that one probably did. But I thought he bounced back well.

Q. Is he finished for the series?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, I wouldn't say he's finished for the series. I wouldn't say he's finished for the series. If needed, it's one of these series that all hands on deck and you have them all ready. He'll have a couple of days off and he'll be ready to go.

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