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October 21, 2010

George McNeill


THE MODERATOR: We welcome George McNeill. Today shot 65. Give us some thoughts on your round and the conditions out there.
GEORGE McNEILL: First of all, my round, I obviously scored pretty well. Didn't hit it all that great, but made the putts when I had to. Made a few saves coming down the stretch the last few holes, birdied the last, which is always good.
Course conditions, it's playing a little longer just because it's wet. It's not running out like it usually has. Obviously with all the rain that we've had, that they have three times a year in Las Vegas, has made a difference.
But the greens are putting perfect. They're soft. That means obviously scoring is going to be low.

Q. (Question regarding club decisions.)
GEORGE McNEILL: With my caddie and I, we talked a little bit about it off the tee basically is where we're trying to hit the right clubs. I know what I've hit in the past. Typically I can walk up on a tee, grab a club, I know where it's going to go. Today was a little bit different with the ball not rolling out as much, stuff like that.
We would step up on a few tees where I'd look at him and say, Hey, is this okay, is that okay, whatever. We would talk about it a little bit before we hit it, then try to hit it basically trying to get to the spots where I know where I hit it before. Whether I had to take an extra club or not, I basically was trying to figure that out.
Firing at pins, some of them yes, some of them no. When I have short clubs in my hand, obviously I think everybody out here is firing at pins, soft as the greens are. Again, with that, you can even take some longer clubs and hit it up in. Just depends on how you felt over the shot, whatever.

Q. Why do you play well here?
GEORGE McNEILL: I have no idea. I think I say the same thing every year because I get the same question every year.
I don't know why. Must have been just from the first year when I played here and I won, obviously I've had success here. I feel comfortable going around this golf course. I know where to hit it and where not to hit it.
Whether the other guys have figured it out or not, I don't know. But it seems to me that I've somewhat figured that out.

Q. 6-under gives you a shot going into tomorrow. When you see all the red numbers out there, I'm sure you left a shot or two out there, are you happy where things are going into tomorrow?
GEORGE McNEILL: Yeah. Overall, I'd say yeah, I'm plenty happy with that. It's one of my better rounds of the year. I honestly haven't played well since I don't know when, real early this year.
So it's nice to get out, get a good start, get a good round in, feel decent about it. The greens I don't think are going to get that much more firm between today and tomorrow, so I think the conditions will be pretty much the same the rest of the weekend actually.
In reference to the other guys, everybody is going to be making birdies, so...

Q. Why do you think your year hasn't gone as well as you wanted?
GEORGE McNEILL: 'Cause I just haven't played well. It's golf. If I could pinpoint it, I would have maybe turned it around earlier. Unfortunately, that's the way it is.

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