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October 20, 2010

Charlie Manuel


Giants – 6
Phillies - 5

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Charlie Manuel.

Q. When did you decide to use Roy Oswalt and what went into that decision?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Decided to use him in the eighth inning, about in the eighth inning. He already hit it -- told Dubee that he could go. He said he wanted to be in there. He said he'd be glad to go.

Q. Considering the fact that you were willing to use Oswalt and you had such a short lease for Blanton a lot of people would ask why not pitch Halladay then today?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think I've answered that, haven't I? I think I answered it for how many days now? I mean, we pitched him today. We pitched Blanton. And actually we had a chance to win the game. We didn't win the game. Blanton had a lead when he left.

Q. What were you more, giving up the lead or the couple opportunities that you missed there in the fourth inning and then in the eighth inning?
CHARLIE MANUEL: When we took the lead, we had momentum on our side and all of a sudden we go back out there and they take it right back away from us. And we couldn't hold them in the sixth inning kind of got away from us.
I felt like walks did us in in the fifth and sixth inning, lead-off walks. Definitely opened the door for the Giants.

Q. Sounds like Roy volunteered himself into the game. Would you have asked him -- did you ask him? Did you talk to him about that?
CHARLIE MANUEL: No, I didn't ask him. I think Dubee was the one that was talking to him. Dubee told me.

Q. And so Roy -- it was Roy's idea to volunteer himself into the game.
CHARLIE MANUEL: You better go talk to Dubee about that. Dubee told me: Oswalt could go. And I said fine, that's good.

Q. Couple of quick questions. How good a young player is Posey?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Posey is good. He had a tremendous at-bat there. His at-bat, he really bared down and he ended up with a good at-bat. I look at it like they found a way. We were there and we had a chance to win the game. We had the lead at one time. Like I said, we let it slip away. When we tied the game back up, we had a guy on second and we couldn't move him.
Then, of course, they got the big hit. I mean, Uribe, he did a good job of hitting the sac fly. I mean, they did a good job. He had a tremendous at-bat.

Q. Secondly, despite it all, you still have Halladay against Lincecum tomorrow, which is a tremendous matchup. And then your other two best pitchers going against their two best pitchers in the last two games if you can get there?
CHARLIE MANUEL: We've got Halladay going tomorrow against Lincecum. And I'd say if we like to play with our backs against the wall, it's there now. I think we're standing right there now. Like I heard somebody -- they were asking me today about that we like to play with our backs to the wall. I think we're going to get a chance.

Q. Did you give any thought at all to in the sixth inning when Sandoval came up to bring up the left-hander and turn him around because he's been struggling from the right side of the plate at all?
CHARLIE MANUEL: When Sandoval was hitting, when Dubee went to the mound, we actually, we had first base open. We were in a tough jam. Guy on third and second and nobody out. And we did not want to throw Sandoval a strike and we can walk him, like you say why didn't you put him on, because we know he'll chase bad balls and we were trying to strike him out on bad balls.
And we definitely needed an out there. But at the same time Durbin got a fastball up. He has to get it higher. Got it up around his neck where he could see it and he tomahawked it.

Q. Just curious, in the eighth inning, when Howard scored after the Werth double, Rollins came up with nobody out and Werth on second. Was it considered there to bunt him over?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Rollins usually pulls the ball. If he hits the ball to the right side of the dime, that's one of his strong points, he's got a short quick swing to the left side that he usually pulls the ball. Not only that, if he pulls the ball, he also has a chance to get a hit or drive the run in. And that's how you play the game. And we do that a lot with Rollins. We let him hit there because that's one of his big strong suits from the left side is pull the ball.

Q. Do you have any concern what he had to do today? He a bullpen session as well, Oswalt, correct? What he had to do today was going to affect him in his next start?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I don't think so. I think that he knows himself a little bit more than I do. And Dubee watches him a lot. He's closer to him than I am. He spends more time with him. At the same time, no, I don't think so.

Q. In that situation, when Francisco went against Romo did you think about Ibanez there?

Q. What was the decision?
CHARLIE MANUEL: That was a choice there. I either let -- if I pinch-hit for Francisco there and they bring in the lefty, which he's going to do, if I don't want Francisco hitting off a lefty, I can send Sweeney up and all of a sudden I don't have a left fielder, I don't have a left fielder left.
But at the same time I kind of like Francisco had two good at-bats and I kind of liked him hitting on Romo we know what he's going to do, throw sliders. I kind of liked him hitting there plus he had a couple of good at-bats during the game.

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