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October 20, 2010

Robinson Cano

Curtis Granderson



Q. Curtis, do you feel that the Yankees finally played the kind of game they are capable of in this series?
CURTIS GRANDERSON: Yeah. At the same time, I don't think that we didn't the first couple of games. You have to give credit to Texas and how well they have pitched and been able to hit and play defense.
So as much as we are trying to accomplish what we want, there's always a neutralizing factor, and of course, that's the other team.
We were just able to go ahead and do a couple more things right today, and the first day, to be able to get two victories out of this series so far.

Q. Can you talk about from a players's standpoint, on your side, you have Robby, who is bashing the ball, and they have Hamilton, it's almost like a mano-a-mano, can you talk about watching those guys play at this level?
CURTIS GRANDERSON: Two dangerous guys on both sides. Both teams would be happy to have either one. Both teams are happy to have the guy that they have. You hear the constant MVP chants both here in Texas and in New York, and it's going to be interesting to see who gets it when it's all said and done. Both of those guys have lived up to what they have done during the course of the 2010 season and also this post-season. Seems like there's no stopping any of those guys.

Q. As irreplaceable as Tex is, how much does it make it easier on you to slide in Robby in the three-spot?
CURTIS GRANDERSON: He could have been in the three-spot all season long, Tex with 30 home runs was rightfully deserving of the spot, but it makes it a good variable and flip flop to either put him there, put Tex there or put Al there. I think Swish might have batted there once earlier this year. Either of those guys could be in that spot, and speaking of Robby, he comes in right now at any time. (Robby entering the room.)

Q. In the last three games, Curtis was very aggressive, and today they were a little sloppy, especially early, how important was it to capitalize when they gave you a chance?
CURTIS GRANDERSON: The key when you talk about the course of the playoffs is maximize the mistakes and they didn't seem to make too many in the first couple of games in this series. We just had one or two -- the baserunning error that allowed Jorge Posada to advance to third and score on that. The big thing today is after Texas scored runs, we were able to score more runs. There's always going to be pressure applied on both sides, and to keep putting pressure on, that's going to be the key to either team winning this series when it's all said and done.

Q. Joe said you had some chuckles about Jorge's run around the bases.
ROBINSON CANO: Yeah, we always make fun of him. The guy, he made an error on the throw, and he said that his team wants to take advantage of their mistakes. We weren't able to make any of those in the first few games, and that's the key of the game, just take advantage of the mistakes.

Q. Robby, can you just describe how you feel at the plate right now, what these games are like for you?
ROBINSON CANO: I feel good at the plate but the bottom line you just won the game. If you didn't win, it doesn't mean anything. So just go out there and win the game, you stay alive and just do anything to stay in the race.

Q. Is this fun for you, to be playing this well in games this important?
ROBINSON CANO: Well, like I say, it's fun when you win. That's the only way you're going to have fun.
I mean, I don't look at my stats right now, how I'm doing. Just go out there and try to win the game.

Q. Curtis, can you talk about that channeling that back-to-the-wall mentality, to really giving you an intensity today?
CURTIS GRANDERSON: I think when it's win or go home, you know, you've got as much energy as you need. One of the things that our whole team did a great job is we are very relaxed and we did enough in the situations, didn't try to do too. Our guys weren't pressing, and weren't relaxing even with our backs against the wall and that was our key to success today.

Q. Are you looking for Josh --
CURTIS GRANDERSON: It's not in my hands to say who the MVP. It's what I've been saying and what I'm going to keep saying, just go out and win the game.

Q. Were you aware of the fans chanting the MVP?
ROBINSON CANO: Oh, you can't avoid the fans. They are really loud and like I said, just focus on the game and we can't afford to lose the game. Just go out there and give what I got and try to win the game.

Q. Going into the number three spot do you feel more responsibility?
ROBINSON CANO: We have such a great team, anybody on this team can hit, so it's a big responsibility for me right now, and it was the same way during the season. Batting first, second, anywhere in this lineup, you have to produce.

Q. Streaks like this are harder in the playoffs because of all the good pitching, did you ever feel this good in the slot in the regular season?
ROBINSON CANO: I felt like that the first half of the season, but right now, just trying to focus more than the regular season, because here, you either win or go home. After we won the series, we know what it feels like to go to the World Series and win a championship, and now want to go back again and just keep having fun.

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