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October 20, 2010

Ron Washington



Q. You guys have played so well on the road, how disappointing is it to not get this done when you had a chance to?
RON WASHINGTON: Well, it's not disappointing. It's a seven-game series. Those guys over there are champs. We didn't expect them to lay down and they came out today and they were very aggressive, the second and third inning they put some runs on the board, we had Sabathia bending, he didn't break. That's baseball. Pretty good pitcher. But you know, we battled all day. Could have got a couple of hits there to put some crooked numbers on the board, might have been there, but have to give them credit. They won today. We didn't give it to them.

Q. You guys have been so fundamentally sound in this series, how surprising was that second inning sequence with Francoeur?
RON WASHINGTON: Well, he certainly had Posada. It was right there. The ball got away from Michael. Then C.J. had Posada and he overthrew to Treanor. That was the only run they got because we made a mistake. The rest of the runs they got, they earned. They are capable of doing that. They won. They are capable of winning ballgames. They won a lot of them. It's a seven-game series, and you play baseball until you can't play anymore.

Q. You're still pretty comfortable, you're in a position you only have to win one and they still have to win two.
RON WASHINGTON: Comfort? You're never comfortable because you never know what's going to happen from day to day. Texas, we will be ready to go Friday, and go out and give it our best and at the end of nine just hope we have more runs than they have.

Q. Did you notice anything different in terms of the Yankee approach tonight? You said they were more aggressive. Was there anything that was particularly more aggressive or different?
RON WASHINGTON: Well, I think the difference with C.J., the second inning, he couldn't throw the ball over the plate, you start putting these guys on the bag they do what they do and they make you pay for it.
The third inning there, he started throwing strikes, started putting them in the wrong place and they made you pay for that. So you know, they are a very good team, no doubt about it. That's why they are the defending champions and that's why they won the games they won. They are not going to give us anything. We are going to have to earn it. I certainly love the position we are in, but that don't win ballgames being in a certain position. You have to go out there and play the game.

Q. Do you feel you let CC off the hook or did he make key pitches when he had to?
RON WASHINGTON: He made key pitches when he had to. That's why he won the games he won and that's why he's considered one of the best pitchers in the game. They bend, they don't break. Just when we thought we would be able to put something across he made pitches like he did when he had to. That's what he's what he's done all year.

Q. I know you have to focus on the bigger picture in this, but can you appreciate the boxing match between Cano and Hamilton in this series, back and forth, one performance after another?
RON WASHINGTON: Two pretty good players. Cano hits the ball as hard as anyone and this guy just drives line drives out of the ballpark. You know, we have got two quality teams playing here, and you know, that's the beauty of the game of baseball. You never know what's going to happen each day. And those two guys are two guys that are difference-makers, and they will probably be difference-makers as long as we are playing.
So I tip my hat to both of them.

Q. Speaking of difference-makers, how comforting is it to know that if this goes to Game 7, you have Cliff Lee.
RON WASHINGTON: Well, I'm not thinking that far. But it is nice to know that I have Cliff Lee if it does.
Right now, you know, I'm just thinking about getting back to Texas, get prepared for Friday and hope Colby Lewis goes out there and throws us up another gem. If that's the case, you know, I'll feel comfortable on Saturday when we are playing.

Q. Just on the pick off play with Andrus, what did you see?
RON WASHINGTON: Got picked off. The thing about Elvis, when his game is flowing, he thinks he's invincible. So you know, right there, we got three, four, five coming. You want to be very careful.
Sometimes our game does that to us but we are not going to stop playing it. We learn from that mistake and we'll move on.

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