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October 20, 2010

Roy Halladay


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roy Halladay.

Q. The Giants have done well against you, small sample, two games they face you this year. I'm wondering whether there's anything you've seen in reviewing those games that explains why? And does it have anything to do with them being a free-swinging team and you always being around the plate?
ROY HALLADAY: No, I don't think so. Going back, obviously the two games this year I made pitches that I wanted to make. They weren't quality pitches, pitches that cost me weren't quality pitches. So it really gets back to my job just doing a better job executing pitches, which is how it is with all teams.
But really looking back, in the two games there were mistakes that hurt me.

Q. After Game 1, you sounded about as disappointed as you've been at any start this season that didn't go your way. Was that the most disappointed you had been after any start that you can remember?
ROY HALLADAY: I mean, disappointed isn't always the best word. I wasn't happy with the job that I did, and obviously with the end result.
I think it's sometimes magnified in the playoffs, but anytime I think you're disappointed, I think if you come out of games like that and there's not a sense of wanting to do better, I think that you probably lost your edge a little bit. So I think that's always the case.
Even good games, sometimes there's things you want back and things you would like to do different. So for me that's always been something that's kind of driven me and kept me motivated.

Q. Yesterday Cole talking about the pitch that Ross hit off of him saying that he's hitting pitches that normal people can't hit, what is the approach at this point with Ross? Is it just he's hitting everything? Or is there a specific area you have to stay away with him?
ROY HALLADAY: I'll talk about that with my catcher. I definitely have -- we have some ideas. But he's hitting good pitches at times. Something that he wasn't doing as much in Florida, but obviously he's in a good groove right now.
And we have to make adjustments. We have to do some different things. So definitely have a lot of ideas.

Q. This goes back a little bit to the first question. Obviously you wouldn't be where you are if you didn't have the confidence to beat any team or any hitter. Have you had to fight the thought of what do I have to do to beat these guys at all?
ROY HALLADAY: No. No. I know what I have to do. My job's to execute pitches. And you obviously don't beat a team single-handedly. You do it as a team. That's something we've done all year. We've beat teams as a team.
And I need to do a better job on my end of making good pitches. I know what I need to do. And it's just a matter of going out and doing it.

Q. When you leave the game in the first game of the series, at that point you don't know whether you're going to get another shot at this team. How much are you looking forward to the fact you get another shot to go after the San Francisco team tomorrow?
ROY HALLADAY: Yeah, you always want to go out and keep pitching. I was hoping my next chance would be in the next round of the playoffs.
But we feel like we have a good team. And we feel like we're a team that when we're playing well together, we can go a long ways.
So we still have that confidence, and I think each player has that confidence. It's just a matter of going out and doing it. And doing it as a team, getting everything kind of put together at the right time.
So I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity. I think all our guys are looking forward to the opportunity of continuing to play.

Q. Obviously getting the first couple of runs in these games is paramount, but is it because you can do things strategically as a pitcher, or is it more of an emotional? What's the biggest part of that, getting the lead?
ROY HALLADAY: I think in a lot of cases it takes the other team out of it. You score early and continue to add on. There's definitely a sense of pressure put on the other team. It's always that way, I think, in baseball.
So it's obviously important to always try and get on the board first. It never happens that way. But we have a team that we feel like can win games in a lot of different ways. And whether we start behind or ahead, which is obviously ideal, we feel like we can win. We feel like we can do things when we have to.
But I think when you score early and you continue to add, it definitely puts pressure on the other team, especially offensively, to try and match and keep up.
But it's all part of the mental game, knowing how to win games one way or the other.

Q. What you were talking about just now, is that any more important because of the way the Giants play? They rely so much on pitching and defense, that first run, does it take on even more importance than it might otherwise?
ROY HALLADAY: I hate to make too big of a deal out of it, but we feel like we play the same way. We feel like we can pitch well and play close games also. So it definitely works both ways.
The bottom line is the final score. How you get there doesn't always necessarily matter as much. But it's a huge advantage as a team to be able to not only score early but score big. So that would be ideal for either team.
But really the end result is what matters. And we don't care how we get there as long as we get there.

Q. Bengie Molina said yesterday he feels privileged to have worked with some of the great pitchers like Lee, Lincecum, and yourself. Could you talk a little bit about your experience working with him as a catcher?
ROY HALLADAY: Yeah, Bengie was phenomenal. He was -- he's a lot like Ruiz to me, very defensive-minded. And obviously was good at both sides of the game, defensively and offensively.
But very, very good catcher. Very good at calling games. And he was smart. But receives the ball well, did a great job behind the plate.
So Bengie was awesome. I think when you first have guys like that, you realize how important they are, and I feel like now we have another good one over here. But Bengie was definitely one of the first real good catchers I ever had.

Q. I know you kind of talked about this a little bit yesterday, but just the fact that after the game Charlie said there was no discussion about you for Game 4, was that surprising at all to you? Or is that something you would have embraced? And just kind of your mindset of going tomorrow as opposed to today?
ROY HALLADAY: No, I mean it doesn't surprise me that they didn't discuss it. I think everybody on our team has confidence in our starting pitchers, regardless of who goes out there.
Joe's been great for us all year. I thought he pitched the ball really well at the end of the season. No, I wasn't surprised. My only thought was to let them know I'll pitch when you guys want me to pitch and the rest is up to you. I'll be happy to pitch whether it's a day early or a day later, doesn't matter.
So I'm not surprised with the decision they made. Joe's a great pitcher. He's done a great job for us. Like I said, as long as they know I'll be willing to do what they want, that was my only thought and let them make the call.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Roy.

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