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June 24, 2000

Steve Pate


LEE PATTERSON: Nice finish, continue to stay in position for tomorrow. Maybe just a couple thoughts about coming down the stretch and then what you have to do tomorrow.

STEVE PATE: Well, I was quite pleased with my finish. I didn't really get anything going all day. I putted great the first two days and I didn't really make much today, half a dozen putts if I had hit them hard enough to go six inches farther they would have gone in. I didn't, so they didn't go in. Pretty much butchered the 16th hole, bad drive, bad third shot, made a 60-footer and made a good second putt on 17 and birdied 18 from the right fairway bunker. That finish could have been easily three, four shots worse than it was, so I feel pretty fortunate to be where I am.

Q. How big a factor was the wind today?

STEVE PATE: It was -- it changed things a lot. There is a lot of holes out here where there is water very close. It is -- throw a little wind in there when you are not hitting it quite perfect, it makes a big difference. It did to me.

Q. Does it make the -- is the wind actually (inaudible) --

STEVE PATE: If you are hitting it real well, you like to see the wind blow because then it kind of -- good ball-striking becomes even more important. I am not hitting it great, so I don't want to see the wind blow. I'd rather turn it into a putting contest.

Q. What do you see as a score tomorrow with everything bunched up?

STEVE PATE: Depends if the wind blows. If the wind doesn't blow it is going to take a good score, probably 5- or 6-under. If it wind does blow, who knows. I don't really know how bunched up things are. I didn't see the final leaderboard. I know Bob is at 12 and...

Q. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be pretty much like it is today. Do you think 15- or 16-under will do it?

STEVE PATE: It could. It may not. If the wind blows somebody -- there may not be a good score or somebody may shoot something low and win by several. If the wind doesn't blow you can count on a lot of good scores, it is probably going to be close and a lot of guys shooting 15-, 16-under. With the wind blowing, who knows. Today the lead went from 10 to 12, it wasn't that big a jump.

Q. Tell us one more time about the deer and the --

LEE PATTERSON: He likes that story.

STEVE PATE: I had been riding my bike up through the mountains and I came home and got broadsided by a deer in my own driveway. My dog was chasing it and I am just glad it was a small dear, only weighed about 40 pounds.

Q. Did you break something or hurt something?

STEVE PATE: No, I was already hurt at the time. I think the dear got hurt worse than I did. It was 40 pounds going against about 220. I think I got the better end of that deal.

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