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October 20, 2010

Mariano Rivera


Q. Joe said that he might use you for six outs tonight. Do you feel like that's something that you could do, or even longer if you had to?
MARIANO RIVERA: I mean, we have to do whatever we have to do to win this game. There's no tomorrow. We need to win today.
Hopefully I can do whatever they ask me to do, God willing.

Q. Question on the Game 2 nights ago. Were surprised not to be brought in in the ninth inning when you were only down 2-0?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, it's different. You know, it was the third game and if we knew that that would have happened, that inning would have opened like that, you know, I would have pitched. Again, that's no guarantee that I wouldn't do the same thing, too.
So with that, I think there was no panic at all. Now it's different, with evident to do whatever it takes to win the game.

Q. Considering how the Minnesota series went, how surprised are you to be in this position down three games to one?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, I mean, this game is crazy. I mean, you know, we played so great against Minnesota. We just can't get a break or can't get all of the hitters going at the same time. We were doing that against Minnesota. I don't know, I don't know. I can't explain that, because, I mean, we have a few days off, yes, but still, we know how to play the game.
So I mean, it just didn't go our way yesterday. Hopefully that will change today.

Q. In a situation like today, do you feel it's helpful for the guys to talk before the game, or just go out like it's another day?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, I mean, we had a little talk yesterday, last night, and after that, we just have to come today and just -- it's another day. Definitely, it's another day, another game. And with that, we just have to make sure that we do whatever it takes within our power to make sure that we move the runners, that we make the right pitch, and that at the end, I think we will have a good chance to win the game.

Q. You talked after the game?
MARIANO RIVERA: Yesterday, yes.

Q. In terms of -- as one of the leaders, in terms of the message you tried to get across in that meeting, what were you trying to get across to some of the guys who maybe haven't been here as long?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, I mean, we are 3-1 down, yes, but still, still, we haven't lost yet. So with that in mind, we just have to play one game at a time. We cannot win three games in one shot. I hope we can do that, but it's impossible.
So the message is that we just play hard today, and forget about tomorrow. Let's focus on what we have to do today. And if we do that, I think the team that we have is enough to win today.

Q. To you, what is the loss of Mark Teixeira for the rest of the post-season?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, you cannot replace Mark Teixeira, period. You cannot replace him. He is one of his own; his defense, his offense.
But again, we cannot do nothing against that. We just have to put somebody else in there, and work as a team. It's a team. It's not one individual team, you know what I mean.
So this is a place that we've been before, and hopefully, like I said, hopefully maybe whoever steps in there will do something else. I don't know, these games are short and anything can happen. So, you know, we haven't finished yet.

Q. I'm still interested in this post-game meeting last night. Can you share with us some of the specific things that you said to your teammates, and can you give us an idea of what the mood was?
MARIANO RIVERA: Well, first of all, it was -- Joe spoke last night. And whatever happened there, I will never tell you.

Q. I thought you had said something.
MARIANO RIVERA: No, I said something. That's for us to know. That's it.

Q. Can you give us any idea of Joe's mood?
MARIANO RIVERA: Win today, period. Just win today and don't think about tomorrow. Just have to win today and the rest, we take care of the rest.

Q. Is it easier in the playoffs to pitch in -- I don't know if uncomfortable situations is the right way to put it, but not safe situations, usually you're the hammer, you come in at the end of the game when you guys have the lead. Is it easier in the playoffs to say, hey, whatever we have to do, and start me in the game if need be?
MARIANO RIVERA: I don't think it's easier when you mention the word easier, because I don't think it's any easier to pitch in the playoffs or the regular season. It's hard.
But, yeah, you mentioned that -- no safe situation, you still have to go there and do your job. Because the reasons why you went into the game is to hold the other team; to give a chance to your team to score, also, some runs, and hopefully win the game.
So I mean, I treat it the same. Sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes it does work. But again, I mean, hopefully we are in a different situation today, and we'll be able to win the game.

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