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October 20, 2010

Joe Girardi


Q. Just talk about your lineup decisions without Tex.
JOE GIRARDI: Tex is obviously going to be taken off the roster. He's got a grade two strain in his hammy, and he won't be available to us, and Núñez will be here.
But the way Robby has been swinging, we just talked about getting him more at-bats and moving him up. And somewhat leaving the rest of the lineup intact.

Q. There's been a few different opportunities for Kearns, either start or pinch-hit coming into the game, just wondering how strong a possibility he was to start this game and what kind of scenario.
JOE GIRARDI: If we start Kearns, there's a couple different things you can do. You could put Swish at first, but I wasn't necessarily real comfortable doing that, seeing that Swish really has not had many reps. It's only been in an emergency, I think twice this year, that he's been there. So we didn't think about doing that.
We liked Gardy's at-bats against C.J. Wilson and Grandy's at-bats against C.J. Wilson the last time he started and we are sticking with him.

Q. And Berkman --
JOE GIRARDI: He hasn't, but he's our first baseman and he's swung the bat good this series. His bat was good last night. He hit a bullet. I mean, I feel good about Berky the way that he's swinging the bat.

Q. No one is more prepared for matchups than you are, when you come into a series, you know exactly what you want to do. Obviously they are not all going to work because you can't always execute, but when you're in these series like this, and you see Boone giving up the home run to left, what do you do when you see matchups working not like you would like?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, I think you have to make adjustments when the matchups are not working. The last two nights they have hit our bullpen hard. We need to find a way to get back to what we were doing the first two games and executing pitches. You look at matchups and sometimes, you know, a guy is seeing a guy better than he's seen him in the past, and you make adjustments.

Q. Can you characterize how your clubhouse this morning, does it seem to be very quiet and businesslike? Is it looser and upbeat?
JOE GIRARDI: Most of the players weren't quite here yet when I walked in, but our clubhouse is upbeat. It's always upbeat. And that comes with experience and understanding what you have to do. In a situation or tough games, you have to be yourself. Our guys love to have fun and they love to play hard and they love the competition, and they are business as usual.

Q. Do your bullpen rules change at all in an elimination game?
JOE GIRARDI: A little bit. (Chuckling) You figure that you might stretch Woody and you might stretch Mo more than you would normally stretch them.

Q. Given the team's confidence, there's still -- these guys have never been through this before, and the 1958 Yankees was the last team down 3-1 in a seven-game series, anything you might employ, a pep talk?
JOE GIRARDI: I have always talked about what we do behind closed doors is what we do. But in talking to players and seeing players and looking into their eyes, I believe our guys will be ready to play today.

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