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October 19, 2010

Bruce Bochy


Phillies – 0
Giants – 3

THE MODERATOR: Question for Bruce Bochy.

Q. You've watched Matt Cain pitch all year long. How would you rate today's game for Cain?
BRUCE BOCHY: It's got to be right up there with one of his best. He worked pretty hard. Pitch count got up there. But he can log some pitches. I mean, what a great job he did.
He had his pitch working for him, just stayed in control out there. And that last inning, that was his last hitter there, and found a way to get a big out for there for us.
Great effort by him. We needed it because Hamels was throwing the ball well, too.

Q. Before Cain pitched to Victorino, you went out and talked to him. Why did you go out and what did you say to him?
A. Really more than anything just check on him, see where he's at. He was fine. There was no doubt I wanted to keep him out there. But you have to check on him, because he's getting up there with pitches. That's all I was doing. And he had that look. He was great. So he stayed out there.

Q. Bruce, you made the moves and Renteria gets a hit, gives you the first run. Later on, Rowand gets a double. Anything -- you feel good when that happens when you've made that selection?
BRUCE BOCHY: You feel good for them. I mean, they're pros. And they've done a great job of setting aside their ego, because we have tried to get our matchups, and we've got guys that are used to being out there every day. And with Edgar, the injuries have hurt him.
But with Aaron, kept himself ready and gets a start today, gets a big hit, scores a run. Edgar got us going, because at that time we're getting no hitting and you got the big base hit to get the rally going there for us.
So I feel good for them. And they've been a big part of this, and to get them out there and win the game and have them contribute the way they did, I feel good for them.

Q. Did you have any hunches at all or was this sort of -- any hunches or, quote, we have to do something?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I talked about this earlier. I know Andres was struggling. So I told Aaron be ready. He was going to be out there today. And with the left-hander going, Edgar was going to play today. So just a matter of how we worked the order. Just tweak the order a little bit. And with Torres out, Edgar was our best option to lead off, and he did a nice job there, even his first at-bat.
And this put Huff down in the 6 hole there. But he ended up getting a huge hit for us.

Q. I apologize if you covered this earlier, but at what point last night or this morning or whatever did you finally hammer the whole thing together in terms of who was going to play well and bat where?
BRUCE BOCHY: It was pretty close after the workout. But last night, I sat on it, thought about it, and once I came in today, I knew which way I was going to go. We did discuss it quite a bit.
But once I came to the park today, I had my mind made up which way we were going to go and who was playing and what order.

Q. Intangibles are so important in baseball. You beat two of their three aces. What does that do to the confidence level going into Game 4?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, no question it does a lot for the confidence for the club. And, really, the only way you beat good pitching is you've got to pitch well, too. And our guys are doing that. And we know how good their staff is, their whole ballclub, and it was a good ballgame, tight game.
No question, there's a sense of confidence when you're going against such a great team and outstanding pitching. You find a way to win ballgames. It does a lot for them.

Q. You talk about confidence. How much confidence do you have in Javier Lopez and Brian Wilson, especially Lopez?
BRUCE BOCHY: He's done a great job since we've gotten him. At that time we were hurting for left-handed pitching, with Affeldt down, Runzler down, so Sabes, Brian did a great job of finding a great way to get a left-hander. This guy, since we got him, has done a terrific job. Nice to have a left-hander down there late in the ballgame.
We have a couple to help us out here. But he's certainly been a shot in the arm for this club. Not just in the playoffs, but getting here. And we worked him pretty hard there early and he's just been terrific.

Q. As specifically as possible what have you learned about Cody Ross these last two weeks that you didn't know before the last two weeks?
BRUCE BOCHY: The guys use this term a lot, a gamer. That's what he is. He gives you everything he's got. He plays hard. But he's a talent. I mean, he can hit. He plays both sides of the ball very well. And I saw him from the other side. I've always respected him the bats he gives you, he's dangerous up there.
But he plays with no fear, that's what you love about the guy.

Q. You talked about the confidence. How does it feel confidence-wise to be going into two more games in your ballpark with a 2-1 lead in the series?
BRUCE BOCHY: I mean, it's a 2-1 lead, that's what it is. We have a lot of baseball left. And we're playing a great team, and we've got to come out here, play our best ball. We're going to win. We know it.
Second game, we made some mistakes there, and it cost us. But it's good to be home, no question.
But there's a lot of work to be done. We know it. We just come out here tomorrow and give it everything we've got and see what happens.

Q. Tomorrow what does the lineup look like for tomorrow?
BRUCE BOCHY: I don't know. Once this is over, I'll go in there and think about it and discuss it. But right now I couldn't give you the lineup.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Bruce.

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