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October 17, 2010

Bruce Bochy


San Francisco Giants 1
Philadelphia Phillies 6

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bruce Bochy.

Q. Your team wasn't hitting very well, and I have a couple of questions: Would you consider making some changes in your batting order for Game 3, specifically perhaps Rowand for Torres and Sandoval for Fontenot?
BRUCE BOCHY: These are things we'll talk about on the flight back, facing a left-hander. You'll see a couple of changes. I'll let you know tomorrow, but these are things we will discuss on the flight back.

Q. I wonder if you knew that overall the Giants had played seven one-run games in the post-season dating back to like 2003, and this post-season seems like you guys have been on the edge all post-season up to today.
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, well, I didn't know that. I know lately we've been playing a lot of one-run games. And really tonight was a tight game. We made a couple of mistakes. I thought we gave them some early runs there in the first inning, and later on, when Oswalt scored, really it's a one-run game at that point.
And we gave them some extra outs, and it wasn't a clean game for us. You gotta play your best ball to beat this team, and we were a little off tonight.

Q. What is the stat of Uribe? And will he be able to hit on Tuesday?
BRUCE BOCHY: He'll be evaluated tomorrow. We have a workout at 4:00, and we'll see where we're at with him. We're hopeful that he will be available. But I can't answer that until we check on him tomorrow.

Q. How effective was Roy Oswalt against your guys tonight, especially through the first four, five innings?
BRUCE BOCHY: He threw really great. He's a really good pitcher. He was on tonight. He had his stuff and we had our work cut out. And Sanchez I thought he threw well. He struggled early in the first inning with his command, but he gave us a chance. But their guy was on and pitched very well tonight.

Q. On the play where Oswalt scored, from your perspective, what did you see? Were you kind of surprised that Huff caught the ball there?
BRUCE BOCHY: We were, but Huff, he saw Oswalt being held up. That's what he saw. He didn't think he was going. And he ran through a stop sign, Aubrey was watching the third base coach and probably got him by surprise a little bit. And that's a big run there, and it happens.
But no question we had him dead. He was out by 10, 15 feet. But Aubrey thought he was holding up, that's why he cut the ball off.

Q. All four teams that are in the playoffs right now, they're all loaded with pitching. This whole year has been, they call it the year of the pitcher. Do you have any theories on why we're seeing such great pitching this year?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, I don't have a theory. But throughout baseball you've seen a lot of great young arms that have emerged into the game. And it's been pitching-dominant. I wish I had a theory or a good reason to tell you why.
But they're throughout baseball. This team has them. We have good pitching and it's really throughout the league and probably something runs in cycles and right now you're seeing some great arms.

Q. The Phillies love to slug especially in this ballpark. Were you surprised to see them play a little small ball late in the game? Utley showed bunt and Victorino had that bunt? Or is that kind of just indicative of the tightness of the pitching?
BRUCE BOCHY: I wasn't surprised. When you look at the two teams, runs are a premium and we thought that Victorino would be bunting there, and that's the type of ball you're probably going to play when you're facing teams with good pitching. It's the same with us. You try to score it any way you can and that's why you'll see some small ball.

Q. What's going on with Torres? He struck out 14 times in the post-season and four times today.
BRUCE BOCHY: It's obvious his timing's off. This kid had a great year for us. He's a big reason why we're here. There's no question he's struggling but other hitters are, too. He's fighting it a little bit. He got here early, was working on some things but you get in a rut like this. You start battling yourself a little bit. I think that's the case with Andre, and he is certainly a guy that makes us go when he goes. But it would be nice to get him going, no question.

Q. On Uribe, what is the specific injury? How did it happen? How much does losing him affect your offense?
BRUCE BOCHY: Uribe hurt his left wrist sliding into second base last night. He didn't feel it. He finished the game. He was fine. He came to the park today and tried to swing and he couldn't. It's a contusion that we're hoping will go away here in the next day or two, and he'll be available. But he's a guy that's really supplied a lot of offense for us. We know it.
But it's nice to have Renteria there who you can start when he's not available.

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