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October 17, 2010

Richard Green


Q. First of all, congratulations from all of us. You started seven behind. That is the equal best come back of the season. What did you feel as though you needed to shoot out there today to lift the trophy?
RICHARD GREEN: I felt I needed probably the best round of golf I could probably play, and I had 64 in my mind, but you know, as the round sort of got on, obviously got to sort of 9-under, and 20-under, I thought just get it to the house, if you score, or one better on 17, and that might be enough. In the end, it was a bit of a strange finish for me but good enough. A win's a win.

Q. A win certainly is a win. A few years ago you won a playoff in Dubai with Greg Norman and Ian Woosnam; where does this one rank in the three wins you've had now on the European Tour?
RICHARD GREEN: It's up there with all of them. In each individual win that I've had, you know, they have all been unbelievably good. To beat Greg Norman and Ian Woosnam in Dubai, is pretty awesome and then Jeff Remésy in Austria in the playoff, that was just a great feeling, as well.
And then to play the way I did this week and the work that I put in leading up to it -- you know, you have no idea the work. It's been pretty awesome.

Q. We know how much you love your golf, congratulations this week. We know how much you love your cars, Greeny. With all of this cash, does this mean you're going to get a new one?
RICHARD GREEN: No, might just allow me to keep me doing it. It's a pretty expensive sport.
No, no, I'm just going to take it all in and see what happens and try to keep playing well.

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