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October 17, 2010

Michele Redman


Q. Great shot.
MICHELE REDMAN: I know. I know. I had so many putts on the back nine that could have gone in the hole. It was ridiculous. Starting on No. 12, I mean I played great.
So really didn't feel like I had a birdie putt on 16 and 14. That's it. I mean I hit it great.

Q. The greens were pretty fast the first three days and then when the weather hits like that, how hard an adjustment is that when you've been playing three days on very fast and then --
MICHELE REDMAN: You know, I didn't really have any trouble with the speed, I don't think, to me. I had a couple putts the pins were just a little different and they were just a little tougher for me to read.
Like I said, I had a ton of good putts on the back nine, so I can't be upset, because I hit a lot of great putts.

Q. How did the conditions affect play today?
MICHELE REDMAN: It was definitely tougher. You know, you're hitting a little bit more club into the greens. I mean you're having to hit more club because it's colder out for sure.

Q. Did you guys know that Gwladys had birdied 18?
MICHELE REDMAN: Hunh-uh, because I didn't look at the board at all. I'm not a watcher.

Q. At that point she was only one shot behind.

Q. The one shot that I was following you on was No. 10. You pushed the tee shot over and then the little chunk out of the --
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. I didn't really chunk it. I think I just went up underneath it a little bit. I probably opened the face more than I should have. I mean the plan was to hit it past and let it come back.

Q. That was a tough one. You didn't have much landing there.
MICHELE REDMAN: Still a good shot. Yeah, I know.

Q. What do you think of Beatriz, not so much her game, but her poise?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. She did great.

Q. She's not in this situation a lot.
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. No, I think she did a really good job. It was tough out there today. She played it smart, and she got some good breaks and she hit a lot of really good putts.

Q. Is it going to be tough to hang it up for a few weeks or a while after that?
MICHELE REDMAN: It is, but it's nice to get back to my game. You know, like I said at the beginning of the week, I'm glad I'm playing how I want to play now and I feel like I'm back to where I need to be.

Q. What does this say about the international state of the game here to have a 23-year-old from Spain who hasn't really -- a rookie and hasn't done much on the Tour, to win like this?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. No, I think it's great. Like I said yesterday, I mean that's good for us. You know, the players coming up, I think that's really good for us, because they're fun to watch. I'm sure it was fun to watch on TV today. It was close.

Q. Thank you.

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