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October 17, 2010

Bruce Bochy


THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for Bruce Bochy.

Q. Two-part question, Bruce: First of all, do you think we might see Rowand and Renteria tomorrow for Game 3? And second, do you find it funny at all, I mean, the whole season you kind of had to mix and match lineups and you finally get here at the post-season, you finally get to have a consistent lineup?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, on the first question, you know what, I'll wait until after the game tonight and we'll have a workout tomorrow, then I'll have the lineup ready then. But those guys will probably see some playing time. Whether they're going to start that game, I don't know. I'll wait until tomorrow to set that.
As far as the set lineup, yeah, for, what, three, four games here we've pretty much had a set lineup. We haven't done that a lot, I know. But we're just staying with what's working right now.

Q. Bumgarner was throwing in the pen yesterday. Is he available in the same capacity tonight? And does that affect whether you're going to throw him Game 4 or not?
BRUCE BOCHY: With Madison, is he available? Yeah, we're going to do all we can not to use him. But depending on how the game goes, you do want to keep him available, have that option. But right now he's scheduled for Game 4.

Q. You talked last night about the ability to come through in these 1-1 ballgames, it's all you have had in this stretch here. Talk about the calm of your team and how maybe you influenced that poise and calm that you guys seem to possess and find a way to get it done.
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I don't know if it's anybody that's helping them keep the poise as much as the experience of playing in a lot of tight games. That's our way. We've pretty much done this all year. And I think they've gotten accustomed to it and they realize how important each pitch, every play, every at-bat is executing the fundamentals, things like that. And that goes with experience. And now they're used to it. And I think it's helped them here in post-season.

Q. On your pitcher for Tuesday, can you evaluate his game in the NLDS and what you expect to see from him, giving a little bit of extra time off.
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, with Maddy, he's been as consistent as any pitcher we've had this year. He did a nice job against Atlanta. He left the game with a lead, good competitor, good stuff. With the layoff, he's been getting his throwing in. He'll be ready and he'll be out there giving us everything he's got.

Q. Can you just explain how difficult it is to have success Buster is having as a rookie?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, it's not an easy game. When a young kid comes up like Buster, especially in the pennant race, handling a tough staff, I think it's not just about the talent this kid has, but his makeup, he's got a great way about him, a calmness about him. He's very competitive.
He gets a lot of attention. But he just wants to play the game and keeps his focus on the field. He does a great job of that. And it's a credit to, really, I think, where he's come from, playing at Florida State, of course coming through our system, how hard he's worked.

Q. As far as Bumgarner, if he had thrown yesterday or even today, would he be out for 4?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, with days off, before his start, no, he would still be available. If we used him short today, he still would be available.

Q. If it's not him, it would be Lincecum? Or I mean is that the option, is it him or Lincecum?
BRUCE BOCHY: That could be an option, yeah, if we had used him to the point where we didn't think he was available in that game.

Q. You've faced Oswalt I think it's four times already this season, three times when he was with Houston. And you've had some success -- I think you're like 3-1 off him. And he's had some success in that he pitched well against you here and also his starts have been quality. What are the keys for you getting to him and what are the keys when he succeeds against you?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I don't think you look at the record we've had against him as much, you know, how our pitching did that day. He's been tough on us. He's got great stuff.
As far as what's it takes to beat someone like that, well, you need your guy to pitch well. It starts there. Because you don't expect to score a lot of runs off him. And you go up there and compete. That's what these guys do a good job of, when they're facing good pitching and keep it simple and try to get a good pitch.
But it's not like in these wins that we've hit them around. They've been low-scoring games, and, of course, the last game he shut us down completely.

Q. Going back to Posey for a second, what has specifically impressed you the most?
BRUCE BOCHY: I'd say probably as much as anything, it's the way he's handled himself, carried himself since he's come up. He's not in awe of anything, but very respectful of the game. And the composure that he's played with, we've thrown a lot at him. Put him at first, and put him in the cleanup spot. Again, handling a tough staff, and he's not affected by anything.
So I'd say the makeup part is what's been the most impressive.

Q. If you needed to could Brian Wilson go more than an inning tonight?
BRUCE BOCHY: Could he? Probably, but I'd like to stay away from it, to be honest. But if it's a big out, yeah, I think Willie could handle it. And he has shown he's been resilient all year. We've used him quite a bit. And he's had a lot of days off. But he did work pretty hard last night.

Q. All these young pitchers that were brought up by the organization that predated you, how important is it that Brian kept them with the ballclub and resisted the urge to trade them for more veteran talent?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, Brian would tell you how important pitching is, especially in our division. It's pitching-rich, our ballparks.
There was discussions about moving one of our young pitchers for a bat, but to his credit, he never wavered on that and wasn't going to do it. We know how important pitching is. That's the key to our success, is what our pitchers have done.
And the bats are a little easier to get than quality starters. So I'm thankful that we haven't moved any pitching. And this is a solid rotation; they've been here for a while. They know each other. They feed off each other, and they're the reason we're sitting where we are.

Q. Going back to the eighth inning last night and bringing Wilson in, your hard-throwing righties, your setup guys like Casilla and Ramirez were obviously rested. Did you bring Wilson in there just because of who it was, Werth, or might you have done it just because this is the post-season with any right-hander who is coming up?
BRUCE BOCHY: It wouldn't have mattered who was up, with two outs and a right-hander up I was going to bring Willie in. We've done it for the most part this year, again with the rest that he's had. I'm comfortable getting four outs out of him. And at that point he is our closer.
Closer's your best guy down there, and that's why he was in the game.

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