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October 16, 2010

Oliver Wilson


Q. 65 today, you're right at the top of the leaderboard, are you feeling good about your game?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, played lovely today. I got off to a really good start. Hit two great shots into two, three feet on the first and that was nice, which just played steady, had a little bit of an up-and-down patch in the middle, missed a few greens but chipped it stone dead on all of those. All in all really pleased.

Q. Conditions a bit different to last week at the Dunhill Links Championship. Are you liking it here in the sun and the course is suiting your game?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, it's playing relatively easy, the course. It's soft and the wind is the only defence at the moment. It's a little better than the cold of last week. And obviously a week of golf under my belt after last week has been good for me. Yeah, enjoying it.

Q. You were giving some commentary for television a couple of weeks ago at Celtic Manor, former Ryder Cupper, did that get the juices going?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I did the radio, first day was good fun, obviously getting to learn something different being on the course, quite an exciting match and the second day was hard work. It was hard to be there and watch the guys, trying to keep out of their way. You don't want to kind of get in the way and try to impose yourself on the team. I was just trying to stay out of the way. It was good motivation. It was something I enjoyed doing but I would rather play the next few years.

Q. Did that reset your goals?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I left Celtic Manor on the Saturday night, and driving home, I was, you know, just -- it's all I could think about was golf and getting back to practise and I was pretty keen at the Dunhill. Didn't go according to play, didn't putt well but juices were flowing and I'm trying to make amends for that every week.

Q. We do keep talking about the fact that we are waiting for you to cross the line to get that first European Tour victory, and we have no doubt that it will come; do you have no doubt it will come?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, yeah, I've got to admit, I've questioned that over the last few years, whether it would come back. I've done a lot of good work this year and results have not gone according to plan but I'm a much better golfer than I was a year ago. I've done a lot of good work, all areas of the game that haven't really shown in the results, but I know once I put it all together and start putting it together regularly, it will be much better golf and my results will improve.

Q. You did 70 in the first day, 66 in the second day, and today you did 65. Your game is getting better and better?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, certainly the last two days I played much better than the first day. I just putted bad the first day. The first day I changed my putting method and the last two days I've trusted it and worked on my routine a bit more and it's all come together.

Q. Tomorrow, what is your target?
OLIVER WILSON: To win. Just do the same thing I've been doing last couple of days, go out and play, plod my way around and hopefully it will all work out. I'm not going to put any pressure on myself and go out and do what I've done the last two days, hopefully justa mass a score by being patient. It's the kind of course where if you stay patient, there's chances all along. You don't have to make it all straightaway. If you make five, six pars around here, you tend to feel like you've lost quite a few shots and you probably have at that time, but every hole is birdieable and you've just got to stay patient.

Q. And maybe you can achieve here in Portugal your first European Tour win?
OLIVER WILSON: It would be very nice, yes. It would be a very nice place to do it.

Q. Which area did you identify needed a bit of extra work to get you over the line so to speak?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, you know, it's hard to say. If I felt like I'd thrown away a lot of my second places and thrown tournaments away, you know, I'd be questioning things. But I've done a lot of work coming up through the pack and finishing second was as good as I can do. Nobody's given me a tournament yet, which would be nice but it's better to work for it.
My golf game wasn't standing up, or my swing wasn't standing up to four rounds of golf. I had either not hit it very good all week, which took the pressure off, I'd just grind it out and putt well. Or if I started off playing well, it got slightly worse each day and by Sunday when you need to hit quality shots under pressure, my swing just wasn't there. I couldn't trust it enough and knew it wasn't there couldn't hit the shots I needed to and was kind of hanging on and relying on my short game, which I don't mind doing, because it's my strength. But winning tournaments, you see guys when they are in contention, they win tournaments; they hit shots when they need to, and I wasn't able to do that. And it wasn't from the mental aspect. It was from physically, I couldn't do it.
So I've got a good team around me. Looked at every angle of my game and figured out what can improve, so it's not, you know, swing-wise, it's not just relying on timing, and the foundations are there and it's really good and trying to become more consistent every day and trying to stand up on the range before I go out, trying to get that so I'm consistent and I'm not questioning why it's not feeling right, because a lot of the time, I stand up on the range one day and feel great, and the next day, I feel horrific. And there's no reason for that. Well, there shouldn't be. But we are getting answers and working on the right things.

Q. Who is team Ollie at the moment?
OLIVER WILSON: I have a big team. I've got Pro golf Health, my physios, a couple of guy, Dale and Jesper, regulars out here that help me a lot. I've got a trainer and I've got my coach, Hugh Marr and biochemist coach, Paul Hurrion, who has helped massively this year. We have done a lot of biomechanical work on force plates and figured out balance, which has led to exploring different shoes, some shoes I was using wasn't right for me and was making me unstable.
So there are all areas that's led me to understand why things are happening and through the biochemist. Work, we've gotten to a better posture, more consistent coil. So if everything is good, if I coil correctly on the way back -- it's a built of still a work-in-progress but I'm a much better-ball striker than I was a year ago. And unfortunately that the downside this year is I've hit it way better and I've putted awful. If I had putted average for me, I'd have had a great year. But unfortunately that hasn't happened. We're getting there.

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