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October 16, 2010

Alex Prugh


Q. You get to 12. Rocco is going nuts out there, but you are still within striking distance.
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit. I think it if I played all my 18 holes like I played my last nine today, I could give him a little scare.
But, fortunately, I got off to a great start on the back nine, made five birdies and then hit it to about under 2 feet, 3 eagle on 17. So that's always a no-brainer right there. So that helped.

Q. Did you hit a driver there or a 3-wood?
ALEX PRUGH: Hit a good 3-wood. Hit it perfect right up the left fringe, kind of rolled up around the backstop and came back.

Q. You look like you know the West Coast. I don't get this. When I met you at the Bob Hope, you were a West Coast guy. You came out like gangbusters, a little lull in the middle of the season. Now, we are back in California. You are playing well again.
ALEX PRUGH: I love the West Coast. Grew up here. Fortunately, I played this golf course for UCLA's golf tournament in the fall, which is actually right around this time, maybe within a couple weeks.
So we got similar conditions, similar play which I think that's helped me out a lot. And, you know, it is always nice being within an hour flight of home. So it makes things easier.

Q. What do you plan on doing to attack?
ALEX PRUGH: I definitely got to keep on going tomorrow. As in every single golf course, I got my putter hot on the backside and, you know, you got to hope for some screw-ups basically from him.
But if we can somehow shoot 6, 7, 8 under, go out and play golf, there are plenty of hazards out there.

Q. Quicker on the front nine?
ALEX PRUGH: Exactly, get a little quicker start than I did today. I think I was one over par for the nine holes. Get a little quicker start would help.

Q. Only five birdies and an eagle on the back?

Q. It is too bad that bogey -- you don't have that bogey.
ALEX PRUGH: It would have been a great backside. Actually, I knew I had a putt for 29 on my last hole, and I actually thought I hit a great putt there.

Q. How long was it?
ALEX PRUGH: I don't know. Let me think. I was a yard on. Probably about 15 feet.

Q. And you are sort of rolling along and doing nothing, you know, from a birdie standpoint and then five in a row.
ALEX PRUGH: That definitely helped. (Laughter).
I almost made it six in a row. I thought I hit a great putt on the par 5, 15 as well. It was just one of those I hit a great bunker shot out of the fairway bunker on Number 10 to probably three or four feet. Hit the center of the green on the next par 3, made a good putt.

Q. How long was that?
ALEX PRUGH: It was probably 15 to 20 feet, I guess. Made a good, you know, 10, 12-foot downhill slider on the next hole. Hit a horrid tee shot on 13. Got a great drop, still couldn't see anything. I was just picking out some cloud in the sky to aim at, honestly.
And, you know, I hit that cloud. And, you know, I walk up and before you know it, I was deep in the hole and made that putt. Hit a great 5-iron on the next hole, for like four or five feet. Made that.
It is just one of those -- put myself in a good position for the most part on the greens and just made some putts is all.

Q. Put yourself back in the tournament?
ALEX PRUGH: Exactly.

Q. You said you played here last year?
ALEX PRUGH: From fall of '03 to, I guess, fall of '06. I graduated in '07. UCLA hosts a tournament up here in the fall.

Q. I am a UCLA guy.
ALEX PRUGH: A guy named Jack Gifford sponsors a tournament up here. He is a member up here.

Q. How did you do in it?
ALEX PRUGH: Honestly, I don't remember. I don't think I ever played that well. Conditions, I know it is a lot windier and colder than this when we played. And you are playing 36 holes here in one day.
I can't remember. It might be a 18, 18. I'm not sure. Maybe top 20. Honestly, I was never under par really, though.

Q. You had a great January-February. I mean, really started out well. And then what happened in the middle of the year?
ALEX PRUGH: Honestly, just didn't scramble very well. I felt like I hit the ball the same, putted for the most part the same. A couple of my irons were slow. It is just good and bad out here. I was just on that other time line as not quite there.

Q. Didn't have any birdies on the front. How does that just click?
ALEX PRUGH: You know. It is amazing, you see one putt fall how it kind of just gives you that much more confidence again for that next putt. And then it is an effect.

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