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October 16, 2010

David Murphy



Q. David, how did you guys kind of erase everything that happened last night? Was there any kind of talking among yourselves, either after the game last night or before today's game?
DAVID MURPHY: I don't think it was any different than any other tough loss. I think once we left the field, we went to bed. You know, it was erased.
I'm not going to say it was easy, because it was obviously -- it was a tough loss to swallow. But at the same time, you're going to have that. And so we knew that we needed to wake up today with a clean slate, fresh state of mind, and come to the ballpark ready to win.

Q. What does it do for this team's offense to get the top two Yankees pitchers and be able to score seven runs and six runs in two straight games?
DAVID MURPHY: I think it builds a lot of confidence. Obviously we are the type of team that we didn't fear anybody. Sabathia is a great arm, obviously he had a great year. And Phil Hughes is a young guy and had a great start to the season. I mean, they are in the post-season for a reason. They have got a great lineup, but they have got a great pitching staff, as well.
I don't think we are going to back down from anybody, and we are going to take the same approach against, you know, whatever pitcher we face; have solid at-bats.

Q. How important is it the first inning when they go one, two, three, and you get the double steal and get the quick run?
DAVID MURPHY: That was huge. I think any time that we've seen in the post-season for this team that we can get some runs on the board early, I think that's huge for whoever our starting pitcher is. Obviously that type of play, we proved in Tampa and we proved today that we are a team that likes to be aggressive on the base paths, and I think we proved it last night, also. It just didn't work out favor.
It's just a play that adds energy and gets us off on the right foot.

Q. For years, Texas teams have been known for their hitting. But you have gotten really great performances the first two games from C.J. and now Colby. What does that say about where you are as a team heading into the three games in New York?
DAVID MURPHY: I mean, I think it was obvious that there needed to be a little bit of a change in this organization if we are going to have success. I mean, there are plenty of teams that could kill the ball offensively, but you know, didn't get to the post-season. Maybe didn't even have a record over .500 because they couldn't pitch.
And so I think everybody knew with what Mike Maddux has brought, and you know, the philosophy that Nolan has brought in here that we were going to gear our organization, our franchise for pitching to be our backbone.
Obviously it's worked. It started last year. We got better and then we have gotten even better this year. So, you know, like I said, I mean, we knew pitching was going to have to be our backbone if we were going to get to a spot like we are now.

Q. What kind of spark has Moreland been able to provide you so that you can get the top of the lineup going?
DAVID MURPHY: It's been a huge spark. I could tell the second that he got called up that he's a guy that he grinds up there, he has great at-bats. He's not afraid to draw a walk, and he's got some power, too. So you look at his numbers throughout the course of the regular season for a rookie coming in, in the first base spot, it's huge for us to get production out of our first baseman and in the 9-hole.

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