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October 16, 2010

Michele Redman


THE MODERATOR: Pretty good way to finish the round, huh?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. I'll take it, definitely. It was fun, too.
THE MODERATOR: Just tell us a little bit about it. I mean it got you into the lead.
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah. You know, actually I was playing pretty good. You know, I had a little hiccup there on 16, but I didn't really hit any bad putts, so there was really not much I could do about it. So I just tried to stay patient and it paid off for me on 18, so that makes it nice.
THE MODERATOR: Just kind of your thoughts on the ball after you hit it.
MICHELE REDMAN: Well, after I hit it, I knew I hit it pretty good. I mean I don't know, I just kind of knew I hit a pretty good shot. It was exactly what I visualized and what I felt, and I mean fortunately it went in the cup.
THE MODERATOR: So you're tied for the lead with two rookies.
THE MODERATOR: Do you think experience might kind of play to your advantage tomorrow?
MICHELE REDMAN: Oh, I don't know. These -- you know, Gwladys is really -- because she's a rookie out here, I mean she's a great player. And I played with Ilhee Lee today. And I think she won in Japan last year, so I'm not really looking at it like that.
I'm just kind of trying to take care of myself this week, and it's nice to kind of get back into the groove again a little bit. That's how I'm looking at it.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your year? I don't know if you've had a Top 10 this year. Why has this course kind of brought out the best in your game do you think this week? And how good does it feel to be in the position you're in?
MICHELE REDMAN: Well, it feels great to be in the position I'm in. I've always liked the golf course, and for me this definitely has not been a good year for me up to the last probably couple weeks, but I kind of felt like the second round in Arkansas I was starting to turn it around a little bit.
Some of it for me was I didn't know how much I wanted to play out here, and I think I maybe was a little burnt out. I got some advice from Nancy Lopez.
I don't know. It just took me a couple months to kind of get back on track to see where I wanted to go and how much I wanted to play out here, and I think once I figured that out, I think that really helped me. You know, I think it kind of took the pressure off. You know, I kind of felt like I needed to play, but I have a daughter at home. So it's -- you know, it kind of worked out pretty good having that time, and I had to go through it sooner or later, you know, so it just happened in the middle of the season, I guess.

Q. Were you seriously considering retiring?
MICHELE REDMAN: I thought about it, yeah. I actually applied for the coaching job at the University of Minnesota, so I was pretty serious about it.
But everything works out the way it's supposed to. That's how I'm looking at it right now. I mean I knew I still wanted to compete. I don't want to play 20 to 25 weeks a year. I know that. It's just too much for me to be gone.
And like I said, once I got through that and realized that I was okay with that and that things were going to be okay whatever I did, I think that really helped me out.

Q. So you won't be playing that Asian swing?
MICHELE REDMAN: Hunh-uh. I'm not in any of them, for one thing. But it actually took the pressure off of me. You know, every year I'm like, okay, I'm going to go for one, and then two weeks before it's like, I kind of don't want to go that far. So it's okay. I'm okay with not doing that.

Q. After you took that time off, did you feel kind of reinvigorated at all?
MICHELE REDMAN: A little bit, yeah. I did. I mean I think I needed to go through that because I've been thinking about not playing a lot the last couple years, and I think going through that actually helped me, you know. And I just know I still want to play out here, just not full time every week.

Q. So what happened with the coaching job at Minnesota?
MICHELE REDMAN: I didn't get it.

Q. When did you apply and when did you find out?
MICHELE REDMAN: I found out the Tuesday of Canada, and I applied probably four weeks before that.

Q. What do you think the state of the Tour is right now when you have Recari up there, Ilhee, a lot of these younger players starting to make a push towards the leaderboard. How good and how promising and encouraging is that for the Tour?
MICHELE REDMAN: Oh, I think it's great. I mean the competition out here from when I first was a rookie out here, it's incredible the difference. Like when I was a rookie out here, 3 and 4-over was consistently making the cuts, and that rarely makes the cut now.
I mean the competition is so good. The girls that are coming out now are so good. I think it's going to be great for the future, definitely.

Q. Is it kind of a double-edged sword because there's no main one runaway superstar, no Annika, no Lorena, but there is a lot of good young talent? Is it kind of like a double-edged sword?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, but I think it'll be good. I think people want to see different players. I think sometimes everybody thinks everybody wants to watch Tiger, comparing the men's TOUR, but I think it's good to have some different players because it gives us a little bit more exposure. It makes people realize how many good players we do have out here.

Q. It's been 10 years since your last victory on the LPGA Tour. What would it mean to win tomorrow?
MICHELE REDMAN: It would be nice. I actually almost won last year at the end of the year.
It would be nice, but you know, for me right now it's just nice to be back playing the way I know how to play. I mean I struggled so much this year a few weeks. I think I missed like four cuts in a row. My whole career I've never had that happen. So for me right now I'm just enjoying it and kind of taking it as it comes. Like I said, I think now the pressure is off of me a little bit and I'm just trying to relax and have fun out there.

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