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October 16, 2010

Bengie Molina


Q. We saw a little bit last night, can you talk about the impact of not having Frankie Francisco available and what that's done to the bullpen and how this team has to go forward like in the 8th inning without him?
BENGIE MOLINA: I've only been here for half a year, so I heard things like, he's been a huge impact, so I don't know exactly how it's been without him and stuff like that. I can't tell you.
But the bullpen has done a great job. The other guys have stepped up. And they have done a great job. I haven't seen Frankie that many times.

Q. How good do you think your team is at kind of shaking off a tough game like you had last night?
BENGIE MOLINA: I think we are. I think we are very good at that. I think the guys are very loose, the guys are very -- they enjoy the game. And this group right here, they forget things real quick. They don't get rattled by anything, from what I've seen. They are very good at it.
I'm probably the worst one of them, but they are awesome at that. I think we are going to be fine.

Q. How is this club different from the other clubs you've played on in terms of the mood, the upbeat nature of it?
BENGIE MOLINA: In Anaheim was a lot of serious guys, a lot of quiet people, players. They are very quiet. Here, I don't think one of these guys are quiet. They are very happy people. They like to have fun out there. That's probably the biggest difference. It's probably very unfair to compare teams for what they have done, win or lose. But I think they are a very happy group and I think it has to do with they have been together for so long, and that's what I love about this group.
In San Francisco, it was a little bit -- well, a lot of pressure out there, you know, and we didn't score many runs at some point, and so it was a lot of pressure. You feel that, you have fun, but it was a lot of pressure. Here, it's more about having fun and going out there and scoring. They are good hitters, so that's probably the difference.

Q. I think you were on two different Angels teams that lost Game 1 of a playoff series to the Yankees and I think in the '02 one it was a late game comeback as well. Do you draw on that at all, looking forward to here?
BENGIE MOLINA: I think it helps you out in your mind, it helps you out just knowing you can do it. Is it going to happen? Who knows. But at least you know that can happen and you go out with the mentality of playing every day, like, let's win today and forget about what's going on today or next day. I think that's the mentality we are going to have, just try to win today.

Q. During the post-season a lot of the pitchers on your team have said that your arrival has been of great impact to the pitching staff. When you got here, what were one of the two of the things that you maybe wanted to help change to make the pitching staff throw better?
BENGIE MOLINA: When I got here, I didn't know any of these kids. I didn't know how they throw. I had to learn the hard way. I had to learn start by start. What I saw was great control, which was always good. They control the fastball, they spot our work very well, and I think that they are very well prepared for the game. So those are the things that I probably was hoping to help but they already had it. I don't think I had to do much other than help them out calling a game or knowing a situation that they have never been in or I've been to. Those are things that probably help them out more than anything.

Q. You talked about this team being very good about forgetting about losses and bouncing back. Why is that? Is it the personality? Is it the youth of the team? Is it actually the lack of playoff experience? What is it that makes them forget about that stuff?
BENGIE MOLINA: It could be all those things. It could be that. I don't know exactly what it is. I think, in my opinion, they are very loose and they are confident. They have a lot of confidence in themselves, they played with confidence and they know they can beat you and they know they can hit anybody, and they know they can pitch against anybody, so I think that helps.
They know that they can comeback today and probably do a great job and have a good game and all of those things will be erased or the next game and the next game and then we have a new series or something like that. They are very confident and I think that's what helps them out, is thinking like that.

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