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October 15, 2010

Juan Monaco


J. MONACO/J. Melzer
6-7, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In terms of your performances in Masters events, how would that one rate today?

Q. Your performance today.
JUAN MONACO: I mean, I think it was incredible the way that I play today. I never give up. I knew that I lost my first set. It was tough for me because I take good advantage when I was 4-1 at the beginning. Then I lost my concentration a little bit. But I still in the match, I still fighting.
On final set, I saw him a little bit tired, so I take that advantage and try to play focus and aggressive. So I'm very happy to be in semifinals. Is my first time here so I have to enjoy now.

Q. You did exactly what Rafa would have liked to do. Do you get a chance to talk about Melzer with Rafa last night? Did he give you advice?
JUAN MONACO: A little bit. But these things I want to keep on private a little bit with him, no to the press (smiling). Sorry.

Q. Have you got any explanation about your performance during the week and the fact that you're playing very well right now?
JUAN MONACO: Yeah, yeah, I wait a long time. You know, from Paris, Roland Garros, I was injury, so I didn't play any tournaments until Cincinnati. So it was hard moment for me. Then it takes more time than I think to recover and to play a good tennis again, you know, good level.
And this week, everything's coming so fast, you know: my level, my confidence, my serve, my forehand again. This week is special for me. I hope to this week still longer. Let's see. I'm in good shape and really want to enjoy this match tomorrow in semifinals and let's see, let's see.

Q. What was the injury that kept you out for that length of time?

Q. And Murray says you know each other quite well, were in Barcelona together, practiced a lot together. What is it going to be like playing him, a guy you know the way he plays? If you would have taken notes today, you would have noticed he played very well.
JUAN MONACO: I know he's a very good player. Is easy to know that. He's unbelievable player. He fights a lot. It will be tough for me.
I know him from long time ago, that we practicing in Barcelona. We played I think two matches on the tour. We are 1-1. I know that if I really want to win this match, I have to play my best tennis. I think today was playing very well, but if I want to beat Andy, I have to play a little bit better tomorrow.

Q. The ATP are seeking to shorten the season to avoid players' burnout.
JUAN MONACO: The calendar, okay.

Q. You participate in many tournaments. To play so good in the late stage of the season, anything to say about that?
JUAN MONACO: I think it will be very good for players to take some rest after the season because players that play Masters Cup or final of Davis Cup, they just have one week or maybe 10 days to rest. They have to start practicing to go Australia.
So now it's very important for us that ATP's thinking about our healthy. It will be so good for us to rest a little bit and they make shorter the calendar.

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