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October 15, 2010

Alex Rodriguez



Q. Alex, how many players in baseball do you think beat out that grounder that started the rally that Gardner did and did you know something was going to happen at that point?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, we still had a four-run deficit at that point, and their pitcher was rolling. But you can't say enough about the at-bats Gardy had, and that was a huge play. And obviously that started everything.

Q. You guys have come back a lot over the years, but as you said their pitcher was rolling; how surprising was it to do this time?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I wouldn't say surprising. You still have to get 27 outs. And the sixth and ninth outs are the toughest ones; they always are. It was a good comeback. A lot of good at-bats, Swisher and Tex, two big walks and another big hit and Marcus had another big hit.

Q. Do you think the fact that the Rangers have not had any home wins in the post-season, do you think that had anything to do with maybe the breakdown starting in the eighth?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I don't think that plays a factor for us. We really just try to race our own race and play our own game. You know, the one thing is from one at-bat, from one pitch, momentum can change, and I thought the big momentum changer for us was Gardy's slide at first base.

Q. A rough night against Wilson for you, coming up in the eighth, take us through your thought process there.
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you don't concern yourself with one or two at-bats or any given play. You're looking for one or two moments to make an impact in the game, and for me, that was bases loaded, no outs. You obviously wanted to keep the line moving. We had three or four good at-bats before me, and we talked about keeping the line moving. Got a good pitch to hit, hit it hard and scored a couple runs.

Q. You guys talked all year about the grinding mentality; that you do talk about it all year, does it make it any easier to conjure up in situations like this?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think so. Our approach never changes. Our approach as far as grinding out at-bats, trying to be aggressive in the strike zone, it's something we put into play all year long.
So today paid off.

Q. Do you believe in momentum in the playoffs?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you can't get caught up in that. You know, momentum is obviously the starting pitcher the next day, and the present. I mean, that was a classic example of us having a rough start for the first six innings, and then one great at-bat and a great slide got us going.

Q. What gives you the confidence to swing at the first pitch on a pitcher that just comes in and not just because of the three at-bats before, but just that isolated incident.
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you don't worry about what's happened before and you don't worry about what's going to happen. That's a hitter's dream; bases loaded, no outs and nowhere to put you. I felt if I could just get a good pitch to hit, just hit it hard somewhere.

Q. Do you ever get a feeling like it's just not going to happen, or do you not allow yourself to think that way as a team?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You know, you can't. Again, they have got to get 27 outs. And until that last out is recorded, we have the utmost belief that we are going to win every game.
And you know, the one thing about momentum is, your last at-bat does carry onto the next day, and you don't want to give anything away at this time of year.

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