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October 15, 2010

Mikko Ilonen


Q. 68 today, 65 yesterday, front nine was low, not so good today; what's the difference in the course?
MIKKO ILONEN: The course is the same. The player was different today. I think I ended up having about 32 putts today, hit 17 greens. And I did hole some good putts yesterday, so that was the difference today, three shots. But I'm quite happy how I played today. So still a good score.

Q. Been a fairly steady season this year, four Top-10s, third your best performance, but you have not won since 2007, does that bother you?
MIKKO ILONEN: Of course it does. Of course you think of getting back to the winner's category and that's been one of my goals for this year.
You know, I've been knocking on the door a few times this year, playing in the last group in China, didn't quite finish it off. But you know, it's been better the last year, anyway.

Q. 69th in The Race to Dubai, is it important to get into that Top 60 for you?
MIKKO ILONEN: Yeah, it's definitely -- as I said, one of my main goals was to win the tournament and then the second one was to get into Dubai because I missed it last year.

Q. It was interesting what Ross asked you, it is three years since you've had a win, to do so well that season, there must be a sense of frustration that you have not reached that level?
MIKKO ILONEN: Yeah, in 2008, I played a pretty steady season, but I didn't do anything. I didn't get any top finishes.
09, you know, I've started slowly losing the confidence, but I've got it back in the end and I started playing good, and I played pretty good over the winter and in the springtime.
Summer has been a bit slow. But I think it's a marathon, anyway, so just got to keep plugging along when the times are not that good. But you know, this season has been all right. I don't mind those missed cuts here and there. But as long as you get those top finishes, that's the only way forward. That's how you get some points on the Dubai thing and World Rankings, as well.

Q. But you know how to finish off a tournament; you've proved that to yourself?
MIKKO ILONEN: I basically have had two chances and I've done it both times. So, you know, if I get into position, I should be pretty strong.

Q. And Race to Dubai, half a million Euro first prize, one of the better first prizes of the season, and you're in pole position at the moment, you can really move up high.
MIKKO ILONEN: That's the main goal for the rest of the season, get into the Top 60 and play in Dubai. I felt so frustrated last year; this year, everybody has been asking, did you play in Dubai, and I didn't play. I want to get in there and play with the best guys on our tour.

Q. Did you watch it on TV or did you just ignore it all together?
MIKKO ILONEN: No, of course I watched it. Ross and Lee played unbelievably good. I've played that golf course, and it's not as easy as they made it look. I thought it must have been one of the best golf both of those guys have ever played.

Q. Now you have a chance to.

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