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October 15, 2010

Gwladys Nocera


Q. Great round today. Sitting at 10-under par. Last I checked you were leading. Did you think after seeing what Brittany did yesterday to get to 11, what were your thoughts today? What did you think you had to do to run her down?
GWLADYS NOCERA: Well, I mean, I'm not looking at what everybody else is doing. I just concentrate on my game. Shooting 11-under I was wondering if she played the same course as I did. But, I mean, she played great. There's nothing you can do about it.
You know, I've been hitting the ball really well and I've been making putts this week. Comes together, so that's nice.

Q. How is the course out there? Are the birdies plentiful? Is it there for the taking?
GWLADYS NOCERA: Yeah, I think a couple of holes are pretty short and you can reach some par-5s and one or two par-4.
So, you know you have chances, so I think the key is to stay patient if you don't make those birdies, and then try to catch the opportunities when they come.

Q. What went well for you today?
GWLADYS NOCERA: I putted really well. I mean, I played well, but I putted really well. You know, I made a couple on like 6, 7, 8, 9 or something, and that helped me to stay concentrated and focused on my game.
I'm playing good, so I mean, when you make putts it's easier.

Q. Heading into the weekend, what's your mindset?
GWLADYS NOCERA: Still the same. I'm not going to set myself some goals that are too high for me or whatever. I'm just going to play. Whatever comes up on Sunday, I'll take it.
I'm just going to give my best on every shot and we will see. Of course I would liked to do really good, but I'm not the only one on the course. I have to stay focused on my own game.

Q. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. Appreciate it. Good luck.

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