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October 14, 2010

Mikko Ilonen


Q. Good finish?

Q. Tell us about a long day, and a good day?
MIKKO ILLONEN: Yeah, it's been a long day. We had some problems on the way, and it took a little bit of extra time there, especially in the end. 7 is a brutal hole, and it seemed like everybody had a little bit of problems there.
And our group had a little bit of problems there, as well. But we made it before the darkness.

Q. And problems aside, when you get a lovely score like that, it doesn't matter?
MIKKO ILLONEN: I felt like in the end, the back nine, I felt like wherever I hit it, it goes in.
So today was a totally different story than last week. For example I played last week and didn't hole a putt. Today, as I said, it felt like, okay, if it's a little bit right-to-left, I just hit it a little bit right and you know, it will fall in.
And the pace was good. I changed my putter the other day, and a little bit lighter. And I ended up having downhill putts, which I like. I don't have to hit them so hard.
I mean, I put myself in the right spots, I gave myself the right chances. Whenever I had a wedge in my hand, I hit it really close. There were a few gimmes in there. I did hole a couple than longer gimmee putts.

Q. What was the longest?
MIKKO ILLONEN: Probably on the last to be honest. So, what was that, six metres? You know, there are some people following Graeme and I had some Finnish people following me and Antonio had some Portuguese friends following him, so we had a bit of a crowd going, which was nice.
They are down here on holiday but I have a see few of them, before.

Q. They obviously know you and back you supremely?
MIKKO ILLONEN: Yeah, I guess they have seen my name in the paper.

Q. They have seen your name on leaderboards and having good rounds a lot lately, which is good news?
MIKKO ILLONEN: As far as I remember I shot 64 here the last time when I played. And this time, I went one worse. So maybe -- this is a golf course that gives a lot of chances. So if we get a nice day tomorrow, it will be good to get out in the morning and post a good score for the guys to play in the afternoon.

Q. It's going to be a low score that wins this?
MIKKO ILLONEN: It always is.

Q. Johan said his target is minus 25. You would take that, would you?
MIKKO ILLONEN: I'd take it.

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