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October 12, 2010

Ze Zhang


5-7, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Over the past three months, you have not been in very good shape. You didn't win in Beijing. How did you manage to improve yourself so rapidly? At the moment we can see you are in really good form.
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) First of all, I'd like to thank the national team and the organizers for giving me this opportunity without which I think that I cannot give this performance and have this match.
On adjustments, I'd like to thank my coach who gave me a lot of support in Beijing, for example, on my fitness and my technique, as well.

Q. We knew you would fight against Ljubicic. Did you ever think about beating him? How did you feel after the first game?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) Of course, I always believe there will be a chance. It depends on how you perform on the court.
I'm not as good as him in terms of my strengths, and also I have little experience. He's more mature on the court, I think, so he handled some moments really good.

Q. Bai Yan just won a match. Did that serve as a motivation for you, as well?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) Well, we belong to the same team. We're partners. I'm happy for him. He gave a good performance. We never want to lose a match.

Q. An old question maybe on Chinese male players. They're lacking behind in tennis compared with the female players. But you and Bai Yan give us some hope. It may be an opportunity for Chinese tennis. What do you think about that? How can you and your partners, your friends, seize this opportunity?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) In recent years we have been given a lot of opportunities from the national team. There's also high expectations on us.
I think we need to work hard, and even harder. We are not bad. I think it all goes down to experience. We need to play more tournaments, more matches, to improve our experience.
Our ranking, I think we can do some challengers. If we go higher, we can go for higher-level tournaments and compete with better players, players with higher rankings.

Q. After this match, we are impressed by your second-serve points, only 28%. You are known as the Chinese player with the best physical qualities, just as the European and American players. What is the matter this time?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) The second serve has been a problem for me recently. Ljubicic, he's a good returner, as well. So I have some pressure from him. This is I think maybe why I suffered from a poor performance on my second serve.

Q. You play doubles with Bai Yan. What do you think about the doubles?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) Well, the singles are past. Now I want to prepare for the doubles. I will do my best, as well, for the doubles.

Q. Is this your first time on the center court? How do you feel?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) It's very good.

Q. Now you are ranked 300. Most of the Chinese players are ranked behind 300. Each time you go to a tournament, you give an unexpectedly good performance. For example, this time, you and Bai Yan, your performances are really good. Each time you compete with the top players, you play really well. How can we see an improvement in your ranking?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) I think I have been going up really fast in terms of my ranking. I think it has to be a process. You cannot jump to the top all of a sudden. It takes time.
I think I will try to improve the ranking to above 300 maybe for this year, but I think it will be a process.

Q. You talked about your second serve, which has been a problem. I also heard over the past year you have been working on your techniques. What are the areas that you think you can improve?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) I think maybe first serve, I'm good at that. Another factor, I'm younger, so maybe I'm good at running. Maybe I need to work on my attacking and also my second serve.

Q. So you worked a lot on your forehand attack?
ZE ZHANG: (Through translation.) Yes. I think these are the most important technique areas for me.

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