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October 12, 2010

Ricky Barnes


THE MODERATOR: Just kind of some quick comments about the state of your game, where you are?
RICKY BARNES: I've had some time off, four weeks now, so kind of got to recharge the battery, was able to go see my coach and retouch up on the things that when I was playing well to keep it going.
Most likely probably just going to play this week and next week for the fall finish, and then get some time off. I think since I've been a pro, it'll be the first time I'll have about a month and a half off in the off-season, whether it's to get in the gym or see my coach more, do some things to get ready for next year.
But I would like to finish a good year off and make it a great year by getting a victory not only here this week, but maybe next week as well.

Q. How about the feelings of returning to this area?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, it's great. You know, I mean, usually the closest that I get is Pebble Beach and the AT&T, and we're about an hour closer now. A lot of family and friends around here.
I'm actually going to be back in the area to open up a First Tee thing in Stockton in about a month, too. So I was excited.
You know, anywhere within about two hours of Northern California feels like home.

Q. Have you played here before?
RICKY BARNES: Played like 27 holes here before. It wasn't a spot when we were growing up junior golf that was really either done or we played.
If anything, we were playing in San Jose and then a lot in Sacramento/Fresno, NCGA.

Q. What are your thoughts on this course? Is it a PGA Tour-Caliber course?
RICKY BARNES: I'm curious. I'm actually going to go out and play nine today, and then I'm in the Pro-Am tomorrow. I actually just got here.
But I played here last November and it was a little softer. I heard that it's running out a little bit, so I think it'll play a little bit different.
I know there's a lot of cross-bunkering on some holes, so you can either challenge it or kind of lay back. I remember kind of a lot of 175 to 185 shots. If you press the envelope, you can get within about 150 to 140.
But, like I said I'll get more info after I play nine holes today.

Q. Has your life been much different since Bethpage? That seemed to bring you out and everybody knew you and you've played well since then.
RICKY BARNES: Good in a good way. I built up the confidence I think again. Didn't finish off the year like I wanted to last year. I was actually quite mad at myself and also disappointed.
That was one of the things I wanted to iron out last year coming into this year, so not the post-season I worked with my coach a lot and really tried to tighten up the short game to save a bunch of shots and then score as well with the scoring clubs. That's what I've been able to do so far.

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