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October 10, 2010

Nikolay Davydenko


THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the Shanghai Rolex Masters. It's a pleasure to have Nikolay Davydenko here, the defending champion. We'll open up the floor to questions.

Q. As the defending champion, any pressure this year? There are a lot of top players here.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Not so much because, you know, you always have pressure if you feel you can qualify for the Masters London because is already players just to see what is my points and, you know, how many points I need.
Really for me is different situation. I know I will not qualify for London this year. Just enjoying now my last couple tournaments what I play this year and take rest before early, just practicing, preparation for the next season in December.

Q. What was your impression when you first came to China? Now you're a world famous tennis player and what is your impression now on China?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I don't know, guys. You tell me I'm famous now in China (laughter). It just surprising, you know, how your country, city change every year. It looks more beautiful.
I don't know, people start to speak more English really. Is be interesting. Like I saw yesterday coming from airport in the night, really beautiful city, EXPO and everything. Really surprising me how you build so fast here.
I know you have millions people here, but build fast is really amazing. That's was really enjoy to be already here in Asia like six years. Every year I saw something different really surprising me.

Q. Have you been to EXPO?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No. I think you need to spend completely one day because it's huge, is big.
Do you be there?

Q. Actually not.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: You see, that's what's was the question to you guys. You be there before you asking me (laughter).

Q. Do you have any plan to be there?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Well, it's depends what you like to see or what you like to buy there, what the reason to go and to find there.
If something be interesting for me, if I want to buy something, sure I would like to go to EXPO to find something and buy. But in the moment, I have everything. I don't know if I really go there now this year.

Q. We know the top two players - Nadal and Djokovic - are still playing at this time. You have more time for preparation for this Shanghai Masters. What do you think about your chance in this tournament?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Federer is not here? He don't have preparation? I think most guy who is coming here before is Federer. Really stay here all week and have preparation for Shanghai. Everybody play tournaments. Everybody, like, coming here before have preparation, but how long preparation.
I have just practicing today and tomorrow. I have already tomorrow match. Preparation is like if you stay, like, one week before and practicing here, just try to concentrate only for this tournament.
We travel every week. For sure we want to have good preparation. For sure we want to play good and have winning tournaments here. But you never know what's can happen. It depends against who you play and how another players also feel and how playing.
I'm defending champion. For sure I play very good last year and before also first final for me. I don't know, maybe to be lucky also very important. Have everything, good confidence, to play well, winning couple first matches, and maybe can possible to win tournament.

Q. What do you think of your draw in the Shanghai Masters? Do you look and think about it? Is it hard or easy for you?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: I didn't see draw. I just know against who I play my first match. I don't know yet. But I saw already. I know is all top 20 guys is here. That's what's was the reason to see draw. If everybody play here, it's already not interesting to see against who I play. Anyone from top 10 or top 20 already in the second or third round. That's was for sure you really meet good players from the beginning.

Q. I saw you change your racquet sponsor. Could you tell us more detail?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Why now to speak English start (smiling)?
Yes, I change my sponsor already this year before Indian Wells, like signing contract with Dunlop, with tennis clothes and tennis racquet. But I played with Prince racquet before. For me now is the third tournament what I start to play with Dunlop racquet. That's was I also change to Dunlop.
I really enjoy and I for sure want to continue play with Dunlop stuff and racquet. Maybe two more years I play with Dunlop.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, everyone.

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