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October 10, 2010

Dusty Baker


Phillies: 2
Reds: 0

KATY FEENEY: Questions for Dusty Baker.

Q. Dusty, for a team that was so solid defensively this year, how do you explain the problems you guys had catching it and throwing it in the series?
DUSTY BAKER: I don't know. I can't explain it. You know, if I could explain it, it wouldn't happen, and it wouldn't happen again.
I guess it was just baseball. That's all I can say.

Q. Dusty, could you talk a little bit about the Phillies pitching through the whole series? And also looking back, have you seen three guys that a team has had in the playoffs that could match up with this?
DUSTY BAKER: Been a long time, probably so far back as the Baltimore Orioles, maybe, when they had Palmer and McNally, and Cuellar, yeah, Dobson, those guys pitched. I mean, they really pitched. They're a very good team. We kept 'em in the ballpark, so to speak, kept the runs down. We just didn't push across enough runs.
You know, pitchin' is the key, and they threw three excellent pitchers against us. We pitched well today, but Hamels pitched better. You know, it's a tough pill to swallow when you work so hard from spring training to get to this point. And you know you achieve one goal and you're trying to achieve another goal.
But it is, what it is. And they're a very good club. You know, they're going to be tough to beat, especially when they're throwing that pitching at you like that.
THE MODERATOR: We'll let you go, Dusty, thanks.

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