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October 10, 2010

David Toms


Q. David, I know it didn't finish the way you wanted it to, but it was a lot of fun in the middle there, wasn't it?
DAVID TOMS: Yeah. There were some good holes, bad holes coming in. Disappointed the way I finished, obviously, you know, not getting up-and-down on 15. Played 16 great. It's a really tough hole, to get up there and three putt and missed the putt on 17 and made another bogey.

Q. Going into that I thought really the critical putt for you was at the turn, you had a couple birdie putts that didn't quite go down at 1, and then you drop a bomb to save par at 3 and then you were rolling for quite a while.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah. That was a good putt. You know, I got too aggressive. On this golf course when you're too aggressive, you pay the price if you don't hit the shot, and I was lucky enough to recover.

Q. Great event. You enjoyed it, I'm sure.
DAVID TOMS: Oh, I had a great time, yeah. Couldn't have been better. The weather was absolutely perfect; hospitality. Definitely give it a 10.

Q. Good to see you back in the hunt again. What's next for you? Are you done?
DAVID TOMS: I think I'm done. I might play Disney. Depends on if the kids want to go. If they don't want to go, I'm definitely done.

Q. Time to coach football. Take care.

Q. What did you hit on 17, David?
DAVID TOMS: I hit a 5. And it was probably okay if I hit the shot I wanted to, but I leaked it right of the hole and it went too far.
It was probably a product -- it was a product of three-putting the hole before. If I two-putt or make that one before, I definitely hit 6-iron, keep it under the hole, try to make it from 20 feet, so I just compound my problem entirely.

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