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October 10, 2010

John Parry


Q. What are your reflections on this week?
JOHN PARRY: Played good. A couple of 3-putts, just cost me, lost all my momentum, and hit a bad shot and made a double-bogey to finish.
I don't know, it's a hard week to be pleased with the overall week. Just a little disappointed on the day but it was not easy.

Q. It's an important bit of money, isn't it?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, good couple of weeks. I'm obviously playing pretty well so looking forward to next week, as well, just keep it going.

Q. How does this compare to the Vivendi when you consider the strength of the lineup here?
JOHN PARRY: I think, yeah, it's obviously just a little bit tougher -- I probably played a little bit better, but maybe the conditions were worse here. To try and make less mistakes, you know, I sort of felt like within reason it was easier at the Vivendi. Didn't really push me as much as here. I thought I was playing all right, and just to keep -- don't drop shots. I don't think I played well -- I may be could have finished second on my own but not better than that. I don't think I played well enough.
I think it's just form on the day though. I think if you're playing -- you know what I mean, it's not like I bottled it, I just don't think I was playing well enough on the day.

Q. I think you said after Austria that you wanted the wind to stay up.
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I thought would probably help me a bit, because two ahead, I thought it would be tough for people to make -- it's always tough to make birdies, and you can sort of make pars and sort of spray it off the tee, you know you can sort of scramble around and make your pars and make it tough if they start attacking and they make mistakes.

Q. Difference between third and fourth to not only pay for the Astra but something very nice?
JOHN PARRY: I'm going to stick with the Astra. I think I'm just going to keep it for a couple of years, hope the insurance goes down.

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