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October 10, 2010

Bruce Bochy


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bruce Bochy.

Q. Do we have a Game 4 starter yet?
BRUCE BOCHY: We're not going to announce it until -- our pitcher tomorrow until after the game, so we're going to hold off on that.

Q. Is it simply a matter of win and it's Bumgarner, lose and it's Lincecum?
BRUCE BOCHY: No, that's not just the case. We could use somebody today.
Once the game's over, I think we can answer it better. But we'll use Madison today, if we have to.

Q. Just go into the reasoning behind Pablo being out of the lineup and Fontenot being in?
BRUCE BOCHY: I think it's fair to say Pablo is searching a little bit with his swing, so we made a change. We did this a couple times late in the season.
We're just going with Fontenot who's got a good approach at the plate, good discipline. So we just made the change there, that's all, because Pablo is searching a bit at the plate.
We have him available to come off the bench.

Q. What's the advantage to having Fontenot 7 and Ross 8 rather than the other way around?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, just breaks up the righties a little bit, I think, as much as anything. You keep running those right-handers in a row and it makes it a little bit easier late in the game. So Fontenot can do some things, bunt, hit-and-run, things like that too.

Q. Was defense a concern at all or consideration at all with the Fontenot-Pablo switch?
BRUCE BOCHY: A little bit, to be honest, sure. Fontenot does a good job at second or third base, so we looked at everything. And this is what we think is our best lineup to win the game today.

Q. From a manager's perspective, what was entailed in bringing in all the new guys into your lineup through the season? And how much massaging did you have to do with some of the guys who were losing playing time?
BRUCE BOCHY: The first part, I'm not sure if I heard that.

Q. What was entailed in bringing in all the new guys into the lineup as you did through the season? And how much massaging did you have to do as far as the guys that were losing their playing time?
BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah. With our new additions, it did changeup our lineup and changed some roles with the other guys. I'll start with Pat Burrell. We brought him up, we brought him up to be a pinch hitter to come off the bench. But the way he played, he forced himself into the lineup, whereas Torres emerging as our leadoff hitter. And it did change some roles with these club guys that are used to being out there every day, Aaron Rowand.
But I'll say this about the group: It's nice to have a group of unselfish players who have one agenda, and that is to get to postseason. There is no complaining. They accepted their roles, which they probably weren't real happy, and you don't want them to be.
But they kept working, they kept going about their business in a professional way. And we did tweak the lineup quite a bit during the season. But there was never any complaining.
Like I said, guys just set aside their own agenda or ego and asked what was best for the club, and that's what it took to get here.

Q. All of the other postseason teams have that big left-handed hitter in the middle of the lineup, the big kind of run producer. You have Aubrey in the three spot. Do you think with all the great kind of right-handed power pitchers that go in the postseason it would have been helpful to have one more, specifically a guy like Pablo and what he did last year?
BRUCE BOCHY: Well, it would be nice to have Pablo where he was last year, we know that. But he was a force. He was our three-hole hitter and did a lot of damage. But we don't. He's been up-and-down with his offense.
But with that said, if you look at our right-handed bats, they handle right-handers well, Posey, Burrell, Uribe, and those guys have done a good job against good right-handers.
But, sure, you'd like to be balanced in that lineup. Pablo wasn't quite as consistent or he wasn't as consistent as last year, and that's something you have to deal with. That's why he was dropped down in the order.

Q. You've managed a lot of games here through the years. Playing games -- at this time of game start time, does it affect anything here shadow-wise or anything at this ballpark?
BRUCE BOCHY: I'm sure it's going to make it a little bit more difficult on the hitters. Two good pitchers going, hitters will tell you, it's not easy to hit a Major League pitch. Then when you get in the shadows, it does make it tougher. But that's why runs are a premium, which they are anyway with the two staffs, the bullpens.
But it doesn't change how you manage. As a hitter, you can't think about that. There's no excuses ever involved in something like this because it's the game time, and you go out there and you compete.

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