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October 9, 2010

John Parry


JOHN PARRY: It was a weird one. I didn't have quite the pace of the greens today. Obviously three different courses for three days, I didn't feel as good on the greens but I held a couple of good putts at the end. It was just a grind really out there. It's not like you can sort of hit your driver within reason wherever you want. So it was always going to be tough, but it will be nice to back to St. Andrews where you can give it a good slug.

Q. Is it a mental test today, bearing in mind the guys over your shoulder?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, would I have took level around here today, it's a tough course, windy, so 1-under is obviously good score. But they are shooting 4- or 5-unders, fair play.

Q. 66 in Westwood's case?
JOHN PARRY: Any sort of lead's a lead, isn't it going into the last day, so it's good.

Q. Proved you can hang onto it in Paris?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, that was only a couple of weeks ago, so I'll just take the same thinking into that. And plus, it's not easy going in today with a five-shot lead. Everyone thinks you're just going to keep pulling away when it's not really the case, is it.

Q. What was your mind-set going out?
JOHN PARRY: My mind-set was to get as far ahead as I could. That's a lot easier said than done. I thought anything under par, I'm happy with today. It's not an easy course. I was 1-over going into probably the tougher nine and to get it at one point to 2-under for my round was quite pleasing.

Q. Back nine birdies?
JOHN PARRY: I bogeyed 10. I hit it just in the rough right and then it came out a bit hot and flyer-ish through the back. And I birdied 12, the par 5, just short in two, chipped and putted. Same on 14, sort of pitch-and-putt there.
And then 16, the par 3, I missed it just down the left and chipped it in. For that hole when you're hitting driver into a par 3 -- the chip was sort of 25 yards, just left over like a little tier in the green.

Q. Can you explain the 28 shots you dropped on 17?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I thought I did all right there but obviously not. (Laughter).

Q. How nervous were you on Paris, one round to go?
JOHN PARRY: I felt I was playing well, so I wasn't that -- I wasn't worried. I mean, I wasn't going to -- it's hard to explain. I was nervous because it's like anything, I was nervous today, but I wasn't nervous in like I couldn't control what I was doing. I feel in control of my game, so there's no reason -- if anything, it can help you, a bit of nerves, when you're playing well, it can make you play a little bit better. I'm just going to take the same mind-set as I did in Paris into the last round here.

Q. How helpful has --
JOHN PARRY: Good. He's a nice guy to speak to on the way around. I think the more people you can speak to -- there's nothing worse than walking for five or ten minutes up the fairway with your own thoughts. It's better having people to talk to you and keep you relaxed, take your mind off the game really.

Q. Walker Cup biggest crowd you've played in front of?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I don't know how big it was, 10,000 or something. After they were finished watching Rory, they came back and watched us (laughing).

Q. You handled that all right?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I think you sort of -- the crowds, you don't really pay much attention, especially St. Andrews, they can't get around the middle so it's all around one side.

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