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October 9, 2010

Tommy Hunter


Tampa Bay Rays 6
Texas Rangers 3

Q. Tommy, just talk about how you approach your start tomorrow and especially not knowing for sure if were you getting the start because of the way the series was going.
TOMMY HUNTER: The same thing as always. Just throwing strikes, let the defense play and go from there. It's not really a time to change many things.

Q. Tommy, talk about the success that you had pitching here at Rangers Park this year being undefeated and the confidence you have.
TOMMY HUNTER: I like throwing here. The fans are great and just the way they play defense behind me has been pretty impressive all year. So hopefully things don't change tomorrow and we go out and do the same thing we have been doing all year.

Q. You guys have been able to keep the Rays really quiet up until just about the very end of this game. Is any part of you concerned at all that they might have woken up a little bit, that offense pretty good?
TOMMY HUNTER: You have to give them credit, they came out and swung the bats tonight. They're going to come out and swing the bats tomorrow. It's just one of those things, you gotta pitch to contact, that's what I do. And hopefully at the ends of the bats, not the middle.

Q. Tommy, which team is feeling more pressure right now? Is it you guys trying to close this out tomorrow at home or the Rays facing elimination in Game 4?
TOMMY HUNTER: I don't know. I really don't want to put pressure on anybody or have pressure on us or anything like that, because it's a baseball game. We're going to go out and play like the little kids that we are, and just let things fall into place as they should.

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