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October 9, 2010

Davis Love III


Q. How are you holding up?
DAVIS LOVE III: Good. It's been great because everybody that wants to talk to me is telling me how great the golf course is, how great the tournament is, how great the weather is, so it's nice to be a part of something so special, first time for McGladrey here, and they're all happy, the players are all happy, even the caddies are happy. And it's been a great week.

Q. And so far it has been a great week, and now the host is in contention. Great playing today. How's that feel? I mean you couldn't have had too high of expectations having not hit a golf ball the last few weeks.
DAVIS LOVE III: No, not a whole lot of expectations, but I've been hitting it better every day, and now I'm mad because I've had two bogeys on No. 6 and three bogeys on 16 or I'd be right in the golf tournament.
You know, I'm doing better than I expected, but you know, you're supposed to play good on your home course, and it was a good day today.

Q. Tiger always says that he's a greedy host. He wants to win his own golf tournament. What would it mean to you to win your own golf tournament?
DAVIS LOVE III: Oh, I'd love to, and I'd love to do like Tiger and win it a bunch. I won his a couple times out in California, and it did make him mad. I'm sure it would make these guys mad if I won, but it would certainly make my wife happy and make the tournament happy. I know the fans here would love to see me do well.
For some reason there's not as much pressure here as Hilton Head or Jacksonville because I feel like I know everybody here, and I feel like the people I know that are pulling for me understand what I'm going through this week. So it's been a lot of fun, and it's awfully nice to get a 65.
I've been improving every day. The Pro Am was ugly. Today was pretty good.

Q. You can put the volunteers in place, you can get a great sponsor. You can have the best resort in North America. But that doesn't guarantee the people will come. So far the galleries have been spectacular and very supportive of the hometown boys.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. They've been real supportive. They were awfully glad, like today Matt and I got paired again together, so they could come out and watch us. And Zach was right there behind us.
You know, Jonathan and I had the same outfit on today. We're doing the hometown thing. But you know, it's great. We knew it was going to be great. We really didn't realize how great it was going to be and how well received the players, they've really loved it. And it really couldn't be any better.
Only thing we can do is now that people have seen it one time, the sponsors, the fans, they'll come back and bring their friends with them and make this tournament even better.

Q. It's been fantastic. Congratulations on a terrific week. You can make it an even better week tomorrow.
DAVIS LOVE III: All right. Thanks a lot.

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