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October 9, 2010

Wade Davis


Q. Wade, how confident are you, given the circumstances, if you are able to start tomorrow, that this is a moment that you're ready for?
WADE DAVIS: Definitely. It is definitely a moment I always thought about being in. And if we get there tomorrow, I think it will be a good moment for us, and I will feel confident physically and mentally to go out there and do my job.

Q. Wade, I know you pitched in the postseason before in minors, have you been in an elimination-start-type setting and what it was like.
WADE DAVIS: I was in a game like that in Triple-A and it didn't go so well. I think I ended up being sick that day. It was a bad game, I was throwing up. But I was definitely there emotionally and ready for it.

Q. Wade, Joe just mentioned your staring down and taking out a black bear. And how if you can do that, you can handle this. Tell us about the black bear situation. Anybody else get a bear that trip?
WADE DAVIS: I don't think anybody else did, no. That was an interesting time for both me and Jeff and Stan. That was a heart-pounding moment.

Q. Does it prepare you for tomorrow, too? Joe mentioned that.
WADE DAVIS: I hope it is nothing like that. I hope it is really different.

Q. I know you talked about how you felt so good since coming off the DL and being injured. What is the most encouraging sign for how you have been pitching since you came off? Maybe more than you expected I guess?
WADE DAVIS: Actually, you know, I have been recovering a lot faster lately. My body feels stronger ever since then. And everything has been coming together a lot easier. I think that's been the biggest thing since that point and time.

Q. Just never having pitched in a postseason game before, were you trying to visualize what it's going to be like? How do you get yourself ready for that kind of atmosphere that you're going to have up there tomorrow?
WADE DAVIS: I think the biggest thing is just staying relaxed. When you are in the regular season you are relaxed, confident and I think in this situation you have to have that. If you are overexcited or too amped up, it can work against you.

Q. Wade, they have a pretty good lineup here as we have seen the last couple of days. Really starting from the top going all the way through. What are some of the keys to keep these guys off base?
WADE DAVIS: You know, they are a pretty interesting lineup. They are really aggressive, they attack you. So I think you have to get them thinking one way and then attack them in a different zone or however you want to say it. But they are definitely a team you can't take for granted and you have to stay on top of.

Q. Wade, when a team gets in this situation, in an elimination situation, the manager will kind of bring back his ace on three days' rest. How much confidence does it give that you Joe is still sticking with you despite the situation you are in here?
WADE DAVIS: It gives me a lot of confidence. It tells me that he can trust me, I can go out and get the job done, and I am fortunate to be in that situation. So it's going to be fun if we get that opportunity.

Q. Wade, I know all season that the starting five have fed off each other with Price and Shields not having the outings that they expected. How confident are you in Garza? And how much are you guys picking each other up right now?
WADE DAVIS: I am real confident. I had chance to talk to him two days ago during the game. We talked about we really have to go out there and step it up and give our team a chance to really get ahead. And so he is really confident and I am in a good place right now. If we can push it to a Game 5, that would be really good.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in, Wade.

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