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October 8, 2010

Dusty Baker


Philadelphia – 7
Cincinnati - 4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Dusty Baker.

Q. On the ball hit to Jay in the 7th inning, did he report later that he had trouble with the lights?
DUSTY BAKER: Well, you could tell it was in the lights, because Jay's played Golden Glove outfielder, and he didn't come close to catching that ball. From being an outfielder, you can tell when the ball gets in the lights. Yeah, definitely that ball got in the lights at the wrong time.

Q. Chase getting hit, did your catcher say he didn't think he was hit? And then the play at second, the force, how did you see that?
DUSTY BAKER: My catcher didn't say anything, and as it turned out, I heard that it didn't hit him. And the play at second, from where I was, he looked like he was out. I don't know what the replay showed or whatever. But Ed Rapuano's one of the best umpires around.
You know, just that was a very unfortunate inning for us when things didn't go right in that inning. Actually, it went terrible. It ended up being big plays in the game. And we played -- in my mind, we lost the game, but we ended up giving them most of their runs.
Like I said, Jay Bruce is a Golden Glove outfielder, Brandon Phillips is a Golden Glove second baseman, Scotty Rolen was a Golden Glove third baseman, and those guys rarely make mistakes. You can see by our fielding percentage and how we take pride in our defense, that that was a very uncommon night for us.

Q. Did Jay say he lost it in the lights or did the towels have an effect?
DUSTY BAKER: No, no, it wasn't the towels. He had a bead on it. He had an idea where it was, but he said it never came out of the lights. He was trying to get low like you're taught to do, and hopefully it would come out of the lights, but he missed it by, you know, two feet. He had an idea where it was, but he didn't see it.

Q. As difficult as it was to kind of rally the team after the first game and what happened there, is this even more difficult? And how do you go about doing it now after two losses, one of which might have been harder than the first one?
DUSTY BAKER: Right. You know, that was, of course, all year. We had four other tough losses there earlier. And we responded from that. And you know, you really don't have a choice. I mean, you either tighten it up and fight even harder, or you just quit and go home, and this team's not that kind of team.
Really don't have a choice. Your back's up against the wall. Fortunately for us we have a day off tomorrow, we're going home, and we'll get it back together at home.

Q. Was there any talk about Utley missing third base rounding in the seventh inning?
DUSTY BAKER: Yeah. Well, I heard that later because I was watching the ball. I was watching Jay. Then I was watching the cutoff and relay situation, and you can't watch everything.
I heard later that he did miss third base, but it was too late when I heard about it to appeal.

Q. Coming into this series you made a statement -- it's an interesting statement -- along the lines that you don't quite know what kind of a team you have regarding the playoffs until they actually get into that experience?

Q. Are you kind of getting a feel for it now and what kind of a team do you think you have?
DUSTY BAKER: Well, I always thought we had a good team. You just didn't know how your team was going to play with the youthful inexperience in the playoffs, because it's the same game, but it's a whole different animal. So hopefully we learn by these things. But like we've done all year, you learn by them.
This thing isn't over yet. We've still got to go home for two games at home, and hopefully we'll learn by it and get better from it.

Q. Do you think the play we're seeing now is a result of playoff pressure?
DUSTY BAKER: No, not pressure, just I don't think it's the pressure as much as possibly some of the inexperience, you know. Like I said, we made some untimely errors, had some untimely hit batsmen, and the ball got in the lights.
No, that has nothing to do with pressure. Pressure has nothing to do with that.

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