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October 8, 2010

John Parry


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Thanks for joining us. 65 at St. Andrews is always a good score, and five ahead in the Dunhill Links. Give us your thought on that first of all.
JOHN PARRY: I don't think I'll be that far ahead. Well, there's still a lot of golf, being first out. I pretty much holed every putt for two days. It's going to be a big help when you're doing that, especially in the wind because you're always going to be sort of struggling to get up-and-down from different positions. Pretty nice.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: You've played St. Andrews quite a few times haven't you, amateur days?
JOHN PARRY: Never like this. I've always played it luckily in pretty calm conditions, so some of the lines off tees, I'm not used to, you're so many yards off the fairways, like par 5, you can't carry those bunkers, so you have to be in the other fairway to have a shot. All a bit bizarre.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Long may the bizarreness continue.

Q. More bizarre, because the published entry list by the organisers doesn't have you even playing here; so how do you feel about that?
JOHN PARRY: I should go home then. (Laughter).
I didn't even look at the entry list, I haven't a clue what's going on. But it's nice to be here though.

Q. Coming so soon after France, and you played well the week before, is this the run of your life?
JOHN PARRY: I'd sort of like to say I feel it's been coming. Sort of, I think I made five cuts in a row before the Vivendi, but wasn't -- I wasn't holing putts like I've been the last two tournaments. All it was was scoring and holing putts.
So I think that's just the difference. I've been hitting it the same the last six weeks. Hopefully that will continue.

Q. You're the fifth player to come off the 2007 GB&I Walker Cup Team to win on the Tour, and obviously on the American side, it was Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson. Can you talk through the journey from there to now? It's taken you a bit longer; the patience you had to show?
JOHN PARRY: Pretty much I didn't have any card or any sort of rankings. Went to the Euro Pro Tour and struggled, got a win late on but was never close to getting my Challenge Tour card through there.
Went to Tour School, obviously got my card and I've sort of pushed on from there on I think. I've made some improvements in the game, and I think it's more of a confidence thing, especially last week winning, knowing you can finish the job off. I think that's how I've sort of pushed on.

Q. And from a Scottish perspective, Lloyd Saltman is the one guy -- is it a case of he has to be patient?
JOHN PARRY: I think so. I thought he would come out and win, easily. I thought he had the game, and when he seemed to get in position to win, he was doing like three weeks in a row. So I don't really know what's happened to be perfectly honest.

Q. Can he get here as well?
JOHN PARRY: I think he can, yeah. He's got the game, definitely.

Q. You weren't until this tournament until you won, were you?
JOHN PARRY: I think I might have got in eventually but I was third or fourth reserve. I was struggling.

Q. Having reserved a card, does it feel like a huge weight lifted?
JOHN PARRY: I think that, and a little bit of confidence, as well, knowing I can win out here and compete. I have know I had the game, but I knew I had the game before. It's easy to say you've got to be confident to come out here but if you've never won, it's hard to do.

Q. Following on from Martin's question about the Walker Cup guys, when you saw guys like Rickie Fowler do so well the last day, did that give you any extra drive coming into this week?
JOHN PARRY: I've got to think it did, but obviously seeing him and Rory both in the same Walker Cup -- I haven't played a great deal of golf with them, but playing the same standard of golf as amateurs, there's no reason why you can't get in the same position as them.

Q. On a similar theme, what was it like in 2008 playing the Euro Pro Tour?
JOHN PARRY: It's not a great feeling. It's pretty much, I think it might have been me and a couple others on there. When you see everyone else playing on The European Tour and The Challenge Tour, it's not a great feeling knowing you were on the same team and six months later, they are competing in European Tour events. It was a good thing to push along and made me practise harder.

Q. Is it a coincidence you won a Pro-Am event before The Ryder Cup and you're winning a Pro-Am after?
JOHN PARRY: Hopefully it's the same outcome, I hope it ends up the same.
I don't know why I've done well in them. I think like your partners keep you relaxed, and you're keeping them relaxed, as well. So there's quite a lot of chat going on, which is good.

Q. I can't quite remember what the cheque was at Vivendi; does what does it feel like thinking that might be coming?
JOHN PARRY: You don't really think about it when you're playing. I think when you come off and then you obviously realise there's a lot of money that you've won, but you're more concentrating on the leaderboard and the shot that you've got to play, and I think that's more what comes into your head. I think when you've finished, you try and count it up.

Q. Have you checked the balance then since the Vivendi?
JOHN PARRY: Hasn't gone in yet, so I'm still waiting. (Laughter).

Q. Where did you watch The Ryder Cup over the weekend and how well do you know Rory? Have you talked to him about it this week?
JOHN PARRY: I haven't spoken to him about it. I didn't really see that much of it. Sunday I drove up, up to here and Monday I had to play a practise round. So I missed the finish a bit.

Q. So you haven't bought yourself --
JOHN PARRY: I bought a car.

Q. What Dubai?
JOHN PARRY: I bought a Vauxhall Astra. I would have bought something a bit nicer, but I've only just learnt to drive, so the insurance companies don't seem to like me at the minute. (Laughter).

Q. The Euro Pro Tour, did you have to pay to enter every event?
JOHN PARRY: Yes, I think it was about 270 pounds, and at that point, I didn't have any money at all but my manager sort of backed me for them first two years.

Q. Did you end up winning money on the Euro Pro Tour or was it just all debts?
JOHN PARRY: If I did win, it wasn't very much. I think I came out about even.

Q. Who is your manager?
JOHN PARRY: Paul Fewtrell. He lives out in Singapore. Small -- I think I'm his only player at the minute. Iron Fast is his company but Red Rock is the management group.

Q. How are you going to handle Sunday when you're coming down the stretch leading by two, the pressure is on?
JOHN PARRY: I don't know. I'll try and think about last week when I played and just -- just sort of when I play well, my caddie will tell me where to hit it and I'll try to hit it there. I don't try to think about anything else.

Q. When you were on the Euro Pro Tour and struggling and everything, how long did you have to make the decision about whether to continue trying to make a living in golf or not?
JOHN PARRY: It didn't really enter my mind at all. I knew I was just going to keep going, plugging away. I was only 21 when I was playing that, so it wasn't an issue -- I thought I was good enough. It was just a matter of when it was going to come around, so I wasn't worried about that.

Q. In that Walker Cup, did you play Dustin or Rickie? -
JOHN PARRY: No, I've never played with either of them. I've played with Rory probably three or four times -- not even that, Faldo Series and things like that, maybe only nine holes, so I haven't played a great deal with him.

Q. What do you think it would be like pulling into the players car park driving a Vauxhall Astra? Will they let you in?
JOHN PARRY: It looks all right. (Laughter) Everyone said the same thing. I'm not a bit did he mean bared telling them I bought that. It's nice to have a car at least.

Q. Is it new or second-hand?
JOHN PARRY: It's new. No one's driven it. It's like 09 plate or something like that.

Q. When did you pass your test?
JOHN PARRY: Two weeks off before the Czech, so I did like a lesson every day and on the Monday before Czech, I did the test. Everyone knew about it when I turned up to Czech to make sure I passed.

Q. What car did you park next to?
JOHN PARRY: I was first in. And my parking's not very good at the minute, so I'm in the middle. (Laughter).

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