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October 8, 2010

Andrew Coltart


SCOTT CROCKETT: Andrew, thanks for coming in and joining us. Good day today. Just give us your thoughts on the tournament so far and the position you've found yourself.
ANDREW COLTART: Yeah, I don't have much of a track record in this particular event. But, look, I think everybody that's pegged it up this week, it's been said, just sort of inspired with what the boys did for themselves and for The European Tour and stuff like that last week, or was it this week, such a long week, I don't know.
SCOTT CROCKETT: This week, I believe. Finished this week.
ANDREW COLTART: It was just sensational. So obviously not hitting balls for six days a week might have something to do with it as well.
Yeah, I played steady. The back nine was incredibly long. Horrible wind off the left, which just, particularly on 14, we had the out-of-bounds wall looked about four times the size, and it was really, really difficult the back nine. It will be interesting to see what the average scores through that were.
The front nine, slightly different wind, few more birdie chances, and managed to pick a couple of shots up and get around 1-under, which I'm quite happy with, considering it was pitch-dark for ten holes. Usually I say these are sunglasses, but today, I'm trying to brighten the place up (laughing)
SCOTT CROCKETT: Did it work?
ANDREW COLTART: No, pitch black. (Laughter).

Q. You were fairly well down The Race to Dubai?

Q. What do you think you have to do to keep the card this year?
ANDREW COLTART: I don't know specifically. I'm lucky to be playing this week. I'll be lucky if I've got anything else for the rest of the year. Just try to do my best when I get out there and see what happens.
Like I said, I'll be lucky if I get another event. And actually, you know, in the back of my mind, I'm sort of preparing for, as somebody described it, the longest job interview of anybody's life, six-day job interview.

Q. You said how everyone has taken a lift in The Ryder Cup, and you got a great view of it as an on-course reporter. Is there a particular moment that stands out that you felt particularly inspired -- inspiring, expiring --
ANDREW COLTART: Yeah, was going to expire at some stage, Monday afternoon. (Laughter).
Yeah, a couple of things. The crowd, the first morning in the God-awful weather, the torrential rain, the horrible wind and the darkness, the reception that they gave the first two boys that walked on to the tee, it was just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. I mean, these people needed a medal for even being out there, braving those conditions, let alone that type of atmosphere.
You know, I've got to say, for Westwood to stand up there after two months out and nail it the right down the fairway and give the marker to the Americans, gave a lot of people quite a buzz I think.
And certainly one that really does jump out was McDowell's putt on 16. I said -- you probably know this, but I said to Monty, "When did you tell Graeme what was going on?" Apparently Graeme had asked Monty on the 16th to tell him; Monty offered, do you want to know? Well, tell me. But grinding his shot to the middle of the green and knocking that putt in, unbelievable.
I've played golf, I have been fortunate enough to be at The Ryder Cup, but I think even since then, the pressure, the atmosphere, the tension, the atmosphere, it's all been wrapped up times ten. To even get club on ball, and then a nice slippery downhill putt from there and then doing that on the next hole, that's just fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Anybody involved in golf has just got to get an opportunity to get to one of those Ryder Cups and soak it up. It's just incredible.

Q. You came here in the summer and you were in not this room but one very similar; what suits this course?
ANDREW COLTART: I've always loved it. I mean, I've been coming here since I was 12 years old -- but lately, they changed it a lot, what, I don't know, early 2000s, and it really became a bit of a beast. There's a lot of tees gone back there and there's a new one at 17, and it's tricky. But coming here in The Open and getting a chance to knock a few putts in, getting a bit of a fill-up, getting a buzz off the crowd and stuff like that, really jeeved us up quite a bit and it reminded me of -- well, at least something I was capable of for one round.

Q. Nice position to be in, you're obviously feeling off --
ANDREW COLTART: Yeah, I asked Johann, the possibility of getting an invite in here and said how much I thoroughly enjoy being at The Open and I love this place. Got some great memories and fortunate enough to get an opportunity to come back here and play.

Q. I believe you're in the Scottish PGA next week, what's your position in that against Portugal?
ANDREW COLTART: I don't think I'll be close to getting into Portugal. I don't think I'm close. That was why I entered, pretty much no chance I'll be playing in that. I won't get an invite. What the guys will do is go down list, and the ones that are not already in will get in off the ranking. And I'll head up to the course on Wednesday, have a practise round and see how we get on.

Q. How much has it helped you being on the same course for the last two days, with The Ryder Cup boys, has that spurred you on a bit?
ANDREW COLTART: Maybe it has a wee bit. Yeah, you see the boys and when you do see them you obviously want to go up there and shake their hand and say well done and how proud everybody is. Just to see them I thought gives you that extra special buzz. Obviously they are on the same golf course you are on and you want to go out there and head them by a couple of shots. You.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Andrew, thanks, as always.

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