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October 8, 2010

Carl Crawford


Q. How in the world do we get the bats going?
CARL CRAWFORD: You know, we just have to find a way, some kind of way. Everybody has been struggling offensively, but we just came across two really good pitchers. And we have to give credit when it's due. Hopefully we can have good at-bats and get something going.

Q. Carl, in the first two games what has Texas done that's been more impressive than even anticipated?
CARL CRAWFORD: You know, they have hit the ball really well. The first game we didn't expect them to hit David Price like that. And we know they can hit, but we didn't expect it like that. So they have hit the ball really well and they pitch extremely well. So the combination of those two, I think that's why we are in the position we are right now.

Q. Carl, I know you got asked about this yesterday with the people cheering for you and stuff. Everybody wants to win the next game and prolong the season. But when you are a free agent and you know you might be gone after the season, do any other difficulty motions sort of swirl through you at this time right now?
CARL CRAWFORD: Not really. You just really focus on the next game. You have those emotions that you're talking about, you deal with that later. But for the most part, you just want to try to win one game, keep the series going, and try to win because the stuff you're talking about eventually gets taken care of at some point.

Q. Carl, what is the mood of the team now? What was the plane ride like coming in tonight?
CARL CRAWFORD: Believe it or not, it was the same like it always is. Guys being loud, a lot of music playing, real loose. We really didn't change nothing. Kept our same approach. And it usually works for us, and we'll see tomorrow.

Q. Carl, both you and Longoria have been a spark for this offense all season, especially in the three and four hole. Is it hard for you not to press at times like this when you know the whole group as a whole is struggling, and how much you guys are depended on to get things going a little bit?
CARL CRAWFORD: I don't know about Longo, but myself I am not stressing. I am trying to battle up there. But then again I have to go back to it. Just face two guys that's good, and it seems like they are pitching really well right now. Me being a left hander is going to be tough. You have to try to find ways to grind out at-bats and get hits. But unfortunately it hasn't been working for us. But I don't think anybody's pressing, I just think that they pitched really well.

Q. Carl, I missed your beginning comments, but a lot of guys in the clubhouse are talking about how loose you all were on the plane, some guys maybe staying within themselves, guys get prepared differently. But how encouraging is it that this team comes in here having fun?
CARL CRAWFORD: It's very encouraging because you don't want to see guys changing, being uptight. That's not how we play or do things. To see guys still loose, hear the music playing, the plane ride was definitely fun and the bus ride back we still had a lot of fun. To see things were still the same is very encouraging, and let's us know it is not over yet and we can continue to do things that we have been doing. And hopefully win a game.

Q. Will it make any difference to face a right-hander tomorrow and get your left-handed-hitting lineup in there?
CARL CRAWFORD: I definitely feel better, you know. I hit better against righties. But we'll just have to see. Definitely I feel more comfortable facing a righty. I don't know about Longo and everybody else, but hopefully we will be able to get something going against the righty tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR: Okay, thank you, Carl.

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