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October 8, 2010

Brittany Lincicome


MODERATOR: Brittany, welcome.

Q. You had and Cristie had sort of a little match play thing going out there.
MODERATOR: First talk about your round, and does that help when you're chasing the leader all day?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, solid round again, same as yesterday. Just kind of felt -- it feels different. Feel like I was in a bad mood yesterday. Not sure why. There was no reason to be in a bad mood. Weather was perfect. Golf course is great. I'm playing golf.
Just was in a funky mood again today. Just kind of felt like I wanted to stay in my own little bubble and everyone just needed to stay away from me and I was doing my own thing. It was working, so I stuck with it, obviously.
But, yeah, you're right, Cristie was just -- if she made a birdie and I mad a -- I mean, it was next hole we went back and forth, back and forth. I wonder what we shot today two-person, ball? I mean, every hole she birdied I did it and vice versa.
But it was nice having somebody playing well in the same group so we could chase each other all day.
MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. Go through some of the birdies and shots that led to this.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, I was actually hitting my irons really well. I think I only made one putt that was pretty long. It was probably 25, 30 feet, which you're not really expecting to make it there. But that was my only really long putt. Everything else was from two feet, four feet, five feet.
I was hitting my irons really, really well, driving it well. Only missed a couple fairways, and if I did, they were just like a yard off the fairway. So I was driving it well and putting well, which is nice. Those five-footers can get a little scary sometimes, so it was nice to see 'em going in the hole, especially after three weeks off.

Q. With the scores posted by both of you already and conditions staying mild, do you think this could continue to be a really low-scoring tournament?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely. I haven't been here two years, but each year it seems the scores are pretty low here. Not a whole lot of trouble out there, so if you're driving it even decent and can keep it in play and you get a few putts going your way, you can really take it low out there.
I had dinner with Val Skinner last night, and she told me she still holds the low record between the two of us, so one of these next two days hopefully I can try to beat her low round.

Q. Birdies are great for you as a golfer, but also a lot of the charities here are making a huge bang off of your really good shots. Does that ever cross your mind when you out there and you do get a birdie and you say, Okay, well... Is that kind of a concept for you as well?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely, especially wearing the pink today and the whole breast cancer month. I mean, my grandmother passed away from breast cancer , so anything I can do to get rid of this horrible disease, it's a great cause.
Every time I saw my pink shirt today or saw other players with their pink on, it's pretty special to see everybody kind of rally together for the same cause.
So the whole dollar birdies or whatever have you that people are donate, that's just amazing. I can't thank the people at home enough who donate their money for such a wonderful cause.

Q. Do you remember how many birdies you got?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Seven today. So, yeah.

Q. A lot people are thankful for that.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely. That's fantastic.

Q. The record for lowest round is -9. What's it going to at take to do that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Oh, boy. That doesn't even cross in my mind. I mean, 9-under, that's a low number. I mean, I had it going today. Only one hole where I three-putted and I made my bogey. That was really unnecessary, because it wasn't even that long of a putt.
Don't really feel like I've taken advantage of the par-5s. Only two out of four are reachable in two, and I have yet to do that on either one of them. So just in the next couple days going to try to take more advantage of the par-5s and see if we can keep the other birdies on the other holes.

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