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October 8, 2010

Davis Love III


DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I got off to a real good start. It was nice this morning, dead calm and a couple short holes starting off and hit it in the fairways.
If you hit it in the fairways, you know, the greens are so good you feel like you oughta be able to make some birdies. But if you don't drive it well -- like I didn't hit a good drive off of 18 with a 3-wood, had a 5-iron in, hit a good shot, but it rolled off the green.
If you don't drive it really good and put yourself in position, you can't get it close to the hole, and especially if you're in the rough, you're struggling. But I was happy with 3-under, after yesterday and the Pro Am day when I was really playing bad. So I'm getting better every day.

Q. And course conditions, as you mentioned, those greens are really nice out there.
DAVIS LOVE III: They're unbelievably good. And they've been understaffed here and underfunded on the golf course for quite a while, and the job they've done in the last six months is just incredible. The driving range is perfect. The golf course is perfect. They've done a great job.
Honestly, I've lived here for a long time, and these greens have never been this good, so they've certainly put a lot of effort into it. And the guys are loving the golf course. They might not like some of their lies in the rough, but they're loving the golf course and having fun playing it.

Q. And how special of a week, having the Commissioner is here today. Obviously it's been a whirlwind for you. Your brother's done a great job. This is kind of a neat deal for you.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. It is really neat. I'm proud of my brother, I'm proud of Scott Reid, our whole staff has done a great job. You know, Sea Island always does a great job, so it's pretty easy to convince people, once you get them here one time, they how nice the island is.
So we're just following along with the Sea Island tradition. I'm doing things first class, and we've got a great team. And the players, the caddies, the officials, the sponsors, everybody's having a great time. So I'm just -- I couldn't be happier.

Q. And headed to the weekend, competitive mode has kicked in for you?
DAVIS LOVE III: It kicked in there a couple of times and then I'd make a bogey. (Laughs). You know, I kept creeping right up in there. If you're 4 or 5-under par, you're not out of this thing. Again, I need another hot start tomorrow and I need a good Saturday round to get myself back in it, but I'm getting better every day and feeling more confident with my game.

Q. Thanks for everything. Good luck this weekend.
DAVIS LOVE III: Thank you.

Q. Looking ahead for you, have you thought about when or do you want the Ryder Cup captainship or do you still think that you can play your way onto the team?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I still think I can play my way on, but I want to be captain, too. I don't want to not do either one of them.
If I'm qualified for either one, I want to do it. But I also don't want to mess up my captainship. I'm not going to say no. When they're ready for me to do it or when the players are ready for me to do it, I'm going to do it.
You know, I think what I've learned in the last six or eight months here at this golf tournament, that it's all about the right people in the right places and being organized. We have a great staff, and if I was going to be Ryder Cup captain, I might have the biggest staff ever, because I still want to play. And I'll do like I'm doing here. I'll just be the guy who stands up in front of people and does the front part of it and delegate the rest of it.
You know, I think I've seen enough Ryder Cups to know how to do it, what we need to do. I've been with a lot of captains that have done a lot of great things. If I can just take all those things and put them together, I think we can do it.
With this staff that we already have, I think I can do both.

Q. Do you feel confident enough that you still have the game to make the team in two years?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah. I felt like this year I could have made it just off of this year. You know, I was just a few swings away from winning The Players Championship and I was a few swings away from winning the U.S. Open. The bigger tournaments that I played well in could have got me right on the team.
And then I ran out of gas at the end of last year, I ran out of gas at the end of this year. I'm going to play a little more balanced schedule next year and be in a little bit better shape when I come into it.
You know, I look at it this year, I was in the FedExCup up until -- I played Boston. Corey had to pick the day out in Boston and I couldn't imagine if I was in that same role, if I was playing all those tournaments and having to also balance being the Ryder Cup captain. That's always been my only hesitancy.
I might not be, you know, in the FedExCup, but I don't know. You know, I've been -- you don't want to take away -- you know, my No. 1 thing is playing. That's my job. But you know, I think it would be an honor to be the captain and I'd just have to think it through. Again, I'm not going to miss my turn, that's for sure.

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