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October 8, 2010

Lexi Thompson


ALEXIS THOMPSON: My putting was a lot better today and the course is in great shape, so looking forward to the next few days.
MODERATOR: Questions, guys.

Q. (No microphone.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, well, might be a different change. Might be different from last year. So hopefully it'll go good. Hopefully shoot 3-under for the next few days. I think that'll put me in a good spot.

Q. Did you learn any lessons from last year, or is it just ever round stands on its own?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, pretty much every round you learn from it. I don't really remember last year's four rounds. I mean, I remember the first two, but the weekend was just -- I don't remember what I did. I remember what I shot.
I'm just going to try to take the next two days like I played today, and hopefully it'll go good.

Q. Well, a lot of people still remember you from last year, whether you remember the course or not. What have you learned about yourself? I guess how has your golf skills, have they matured over the last year? Last year you talked to us a lot about how you were trying to grow as person and still keep the normality in your life, but at the same rate try to grow as a golfer.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I've tried to change my attitude over the years. Just trying to be calm out there and not get too frustrated with shots like I was probably last year.
Um, just trying to mature every year and get better.

Q. Any difference mentally playing as an amateur versus a pro?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I don't really feel a difference. I don't play any differently. This golf course gets my aggressive side out. I play the same. It doesn't feel much different.

Q. You said the course gets your aggressive side out. How so or why?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Just because I hit pretty much driver on ever tee shot. I take lines like no other out there probably. Like aiming over the (indiscernible) like, okay, it's going to be good out there.
But, um, yeah. I hit like one 3-wood out there, and I would say that's pretty aggressive.

Q. You're almost 16. Are you bean buy your own car or ask dad to do it?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, I'm buying my own. He's pretty happy about that. (Laughing.)

Q. What are I going to buy?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: I don't know. I like the Camaros, so I don't know. I got to look, so looking forward to that.

Q. (No microphone.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No. I don't know. Maybe. I don't do that.

Q. You're in the middle of the football country and Prattville High School is typically in the contingent for State championships. Are you going to go see them tonight?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, I am. I think I'm going to be doing the coin toss. I'm looking forward to that. That should be a lot of fun.

Q. (No microphone.)
ALEXIS THOMPSON: That'll be good. Meet some new people.

Q. They're buying Red Bull and you're representing them.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, that's nice. That'll be fun.

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