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October 8, 2010

David Toms


ADAM WALLACE: I'd like to welcome David Toms to the interview room here at the McGladrey Classic. David, we didn't get to hear from you yesterday too much. If you could, just talk just a little bit about the course and being here for the first time in your performance so far through two rounds.
DAVID TOMS: The golf course is, you know, you have to be accurate, first of all.
You know, the practice round and Pro Am day, they had all the pins in the middle, and I thought it was kind of benign out there and you just kind of hit in the middle of the green where the pin was. And now they've started to put the pins on the edges, you certainly have to pick and choose where to attack the golf course, and to be able to do that you have to be in the fairway because the rough is thick and you can't control your ball out of it.
I've done all those things very well. I've kept the ball in play. I attacked when I've had a club that I felt like I could get the ball close and I played the middle of the green and tried to two-putt and get out on the other holes.
The two times today where I got too aggressive I paid the price and made two bogeys and kind of did the same thing yesterday. So that's the type of golf course it is.
I've enjoyed my time here so far, and obviously I've played well, but I look forward to the weekend and some more of this lovely weather that we're having.
ADAM WALLACE: Questions?

Q. David, I noticed that a lot of your victories have been from the mid summer on.

Q. A few in the fall, Michelob, and obviously you won a pretty big one in August one year.

Q. Anything to that?
DAVID TOMS: You know, maybe it's the warm weather. You know, I've never been -- growing up in the South when it was cold, I probably went hunting or something else, so I didn't play a whole lot of golf in bad weather. So maybe that has to do with it. I don't really know.
And then I know I've always played pretty well in the South, whether it's been on Bermudagrass or whatever, I've had a lot of good tournaments in the South. So if you look back at my career, I'm sure that that's kind of the way it's gone. Here we are again in the South and on Bermudagrass, and it's going pretty well.

Q. If I read it correctly, you only had 13 putts on the back nine. Did you just manage to get hot or was it just good iron play setting you up for good shots?
DAVID TOMS: Well, you know, I missed a couple of greens, and one of them I had to make about a 6-footer for bogey over there on, I guess, 14. So no, I hit a lot of good shots, a lot of close ones, and I putted well.
So my speed's been very good, even on lag putting. I had a three-putt on the last hole yesterday, but it was a real long putt, and I hit two what I thought were two quality putts and lipped out. So for the most part speed's been real good and I've read the greens well. On these type of greens I can find the grain pretty easily, so speed's been good and line's been good.

Q. David, it's been a few years since you've won, obviously, and you've played well of late. Just if you could assess your season and kind of where you're at in your career now at 43. Just give a general assessment.
DAVID TOMS: It's been up and down the last couple years. You know, last year I had a real solid year with three seconds, and I guess I was 14th on the FedExCup. So it was a good year.
But this year I haven't played very consistent, especially early on. I'm starting to play better. You know, why? I've had a couple of different injuries. But I wasn't very confident as well halfway through the year.
So back playing pretty good again. I was really close last week to having a good solid week and didn't finish well. And obviously I got past that and started off here, you know, playing well again. So I just gotta keep it up, you know.
I mean I feel like I'm more confident right now than I was a couple months ago. And you know, I'm playing better, scoring better. So you know, golf goes in cycles, and I'm hoping what I'm doing right now towards the end of the year, even though we're almost done, maybe that'll carry me over into next year and I can get going early.

Q. Did you watch the Ryder Cup last week?
DAVID TOMS: I did. You know, as much as you can when you're playing in a golf tournament and it's coming on at 2 in the morning. So you know, I watched, and I watched some Monday as well. It was pretty close.
And you know, I go back to what Davis said, you know, like when they asked him about being a captain, he said, well, I'd like to play again because I was on the sidelines watching and it's tough when you don't have any control and you're not really part of the game. So you know, I look to maybe get my game going again and be a part of that next team.

Q. David, I was talking to Davis yesterday about this tournament week and all the demographics, the fans, players, caddies, wives, corporate sponsors, McGladrey people, everybody seems to be pretty happy about how things are going. I'm just wondering having been on the policy board, I know sometimes the TOUR doesn't always listen to the players, but I'm just wondering if the solution is to let players run the tournaments, because Jack runs a good one and Arnold runs a good one.
DAVID TOMS: Seems to go pretty well.

Q. And as Davis pointed out, you guys know better than anybody else how tournaments should be run. Do you think more players should take an active role in this?
DAVID TOMS: Well, I mean yes and no, because you know, it's a big job. I was at Davis's house last night for that party and you could just tell -- I mean he was having a good time, but his thoughts were probably what do I have to do next.
You know, so it's tough on the players, especially if they're still trying to play and they're part of the golf tournament.
So you know, some of the guys you talked about earlier, I remember I played with Jack in his last Memorial, and now he's probably really able to enjoy the week that he's not playing in the tournament anymore. So those tournaments seem to go well.
And you know, we try -- you know, the TOUR -- you know, we fill out the surveys at the end of the year, and I think they really take those to heart and try to do the best they can, but certainly tournaments that players are directly involved with go very, very smoothly.

Q. Would you like to do that one day?
DAVID TOMS: Maybe when I'm done playing. I don't know if my market's big enough to have a golf tournament. I'd have to build a championship golf course first, get a title sponsor second, maybe some new hotels. So we got a ways to go.
ADAM WALLACE: All right, thanks, David. Best of luck to you on the weekend.
DAVID TOMS: Thank you.

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