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October 7, 2010

Martin Kaymer


Q. How was it playing on your own today and how strange was it?
MARTIN KAYMER: I think I played better than last week. I made a few long putts today.

Q. Better than you expected to play?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yes, I was tired, and I'm still tired it. Was a very nice round. I played with a friend of mine. He was nervous at the start but he got it going in the middle of the round. Here in Kingsbarns, it was a fantastic round.

Q. Just a beautiful day for golf.
MARTIN KAYMER: It is a beautiful day. To play here and to have the privilege to play with the captain and to play in Kingsbarns was fantastic. I'm pleased with my score. 4-under was a good score. I think two years ago when I played here I shot 7-under, so there was a goal, but it's a tough one. But 4-under it gets me in good position.

Q. How tired are you?
MARTIN KAYMER: I had sleep the last couple of nights but mentally I'm very tired. As long as I can sleep seven or eight hours a night, it's fine.

Q. The Molinari boys were saying mentally tiring, too.
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I was tired, but for me, it's important to win The Race to Dubai. I have to motivate myself to be 100 per cent here on Thursday morning, and it was -- today was no problem. We'll see how we feel on Saturday and Sunday, but for me, the priority at the moment is to win The Race to Dubai and obviously have a good chance to win.
Every week is important, but this is a big week. It's nice to play with a friend of mine. Of course I want to play well but I think I owe him to play well, as well, to get him to Sunday, to play another round at St. Andrews.

Q. Was your friend as nervous as you were last week?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I'm not sure, I think you have to ask him. He was nervous to play with The Ryder Cup Captain, a round of golf, here at Kingsbarns in one of the biggest tournaments that we have on The European Tour, there's a reason to be nervous.

Q. Who is your friend?
MARTIN KAYMER: We grew up in the same golf course and I knew him when we started to play golf.

Q. Was he good?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, he's 36 years old, so I've known him since seven, eight years.

Q. What's the lowest handicap he's ever had?
MARTIN KAYMER: Maybe five. He can play, but it's tough, you've got -- our goal is to make the cut, that would be nice. I made the cut with my brother three years ago and that was nice. It was just nice to play with the amateurs, play another round at St. Andrews. And the crowds on Sunday, as well.

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