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October 7, 2010

Kenneth Ferrie


Q. That was a good day for you?
KENNETH FERRIE: I don't think you can get a better day than playing St Andrews in virtually flat calm and in sunshine, especially after the last couple of days. I played well, hit a lot of good shots and holed a few putts early on so it was just a good day all round. I finished in style as well with a lovely wedge to tap in range. I made a good par at the 17th after two good shots and I had three putted the 15th for my only bogey of the day so it was a little bit of a down there so to get it back at the 18th will make the dinner taste a lot nicer tonight.

Q. Is this a tournament you look back on with affection after having had a chance to win in 2005?
KENNETH FERRIE: It's a bit of both really. Obviously I had a great chance to win back then but I made a mess of the last round and Colin played really well in difficult conditions. But obviously I was in the driving seat that day and made a mess of it. I played all right here last year again and I have had a few good finishes so it has been kind to me this tournament other than that little blip.

Q. You enjoy the format?
KENNETH FERRIE: It is a bit of the luck of the draw depending on who you get to play with but I have always been quite fortunate in that respect. I played with Jonathan Edwards a couple of times who is a good friend of mine and Pritesh who I played with today is a fantastic guy and so was the other amateur. When they were out of the hole they picked up and didn't get in the way. When you get amateurs who understand what it is all about, it is good. Looking after someone else's game as well takes a bit of the focus and the pressure off your own game.

Q. Do you find out a bit about the amateurs as you go round?
KENNETH FERRIE: Definitely and that's part of the interest and the enjoyment of playing in this event. I played with Herb Kohler a couple of years ago who owns Whistling Straits and the Old Course Hotel and I learned a lot about Pritesh's life today how he grew up in Kenya and South Africa. You find out some very colourful stories about the guys. I find it hard enough to focus for four hours on a golf course never mind five and a half so it is nice to have a bit of banter with the amateurs and their caddies so you can have a bit of a chat.

Q. Are your expectations about your own game growing all the time?
KENNETH FERRIE: Yes, I am in a lot better position now than I was a month and a half ago. I played well in France other than the last round. I played well in the Czech Republic in spells and even in Austria even though I missed the cut I played okay and it was just a couple of bad shots which cost me. I am kind of baby steps again, two rounds at a time, three rounds at a time and then hopefully I am going to put all four together. I have some big tournaments and some good tournaments coming up in the next few weeks that I enjoy so hopefully this will be a kick start and it will be four rounds rather than three we are talking about.

Q. Did you watch The Ryder Cup?
KENNETH FERRIE: I watched quite a bit of it and it was very exciting. In the end I think it became a very memorable Ryder Cup for the right reasons whereas at the start of the week I think it was going to be a memorable Ryder Cup for the wrong reasons, the weather, the delays, the running over and the change of format. But I think the finish to the singles made everybody forget about that and in a few years time it will be remembered as one of the most memorable in history.

Q. So where did you watch it?
KENNETH FERRIE: At home, in front of the TV, trying to pack my suitcase to come here at the same time!

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