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October 7, 2010

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Give us your thoughts of today?
THOMAS BJORN: It was tough starting on the back nine here straight into the wind and so that was just a question of trying to hang in and make pars but I knew that when I turned into the front nine there was going to be a lot of chances. The pin positions are quite generous as well so I knew there would be chances and I putted well today.

Q. Continues your good form of this year?
THOMAS BJORN: Well yes and no, I've struggled a bit of late. This is the way I've played of late generally but then I actually shoot 70 instead of 66 and then the pressure gets on me on Friday and I go and miss the cuts. So that was why today was so nice. I was swinging it nicely and putting nicely and you have to cherish days like that because those are the days that build your confidence back up. My game was pretty solid throughout. I made a couple of silly mistakes but you can do that around St Andrews where you hit the ball in the wrong place and it can cost you a couple of bogeys but other than that it was good.

Q. You have obviously managed to come down from the highs of the Ryder Cup, or have you?
THOMAS BJORN: Well I have done it before. I did the same role with Bernhard before and so I kind of knew how much it would take out of me and how much it would affect the week after. So I knew straight away on Monday night that I had to get myself to bed and not stay up until 4 o clock in the morning and I also knew coming up here that I needed to make sure I had two really good night's sleep before the event. Because that is the problem with coming from an event like last week because it is such long days on and off the course. But I have had really good rest and even after ten days without a golf club in my hand I felt I was hitting it decently. I got myself in the right frame of mind too.

Q. Could the above explain why the members of the team are, in general, not doing too well today?
THOMAS BJORN: Possibly. You have to remember that the Ryder Cup is such a tough event especially with it going into Monday, it meant they never really had a chance to come down before they have to get started again so it was always going to be very tough for them. At least they are here and should try to enjoy the fact that everybody is so happy for them and they have to be here to enjoy that. I'm sure one or two of them will start picking up over the next few days but it was always going to be difficult starting out here.

Q. Have you had time to reflect what the team achieved last week?
THOMAS BJORN: There is one thing I think not many people have spoken about and that is the fact of how good the American team actually was. A lot of people said we were big time favourites but once the singles listings came out on the Sunday you looked at it and said, 'hang on a second, this is a good team and this is not going to be easy at all'. That makes the achievement all the better and the guys held it together admirably on Monday when they came under pressure. Graeme was a good guy to have in the position he found himself because he could draw on his US Open experience. He had been in a similarly tough position at Pebble Beach and he came out the other side so he was a good guy to have there. But this is massive for The European Tour and everything that we do here. Also, for The Ryder Cup, it was brilliant that it went that close too. You couldn't have written it much better than the way it turned out.

Q. Colin has already expressed a desire to return as a player in 2012, do you share that wish?
THOMAS BJORN: As long as we play actively and concentrate on our golf, we all want to do that. It is one of the reasons we are out here because we want to achieve things and once you achieve things you make those teams. To me it is obviously something I want to do but it is not something that plays on my mind. I played in a couple of Ryder Cups and I enjoyed it and if I made another one I'd be thrilled but there is a lot of great competition out there nowadays and that team that was there last week, they are all very capable of winning the biggest tournaments in the world so you just have to go with what you've got and see what happens. But I am just thrilled that I can

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