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October 7, 2010

Vladimir Guerrero


Q. Can you talk about facing James Shields today and what your approach is going to be against him?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: I'm never going to look at a certain pitch. You know, I just have to watch the pitch and make a swing.

Q. How much confidence does the team gain from yesterday's victory?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: I say always, if we give support for Lee, he'll go far in the game and there will be no problems. He went seven innings, and we did it.

Q. How would you compare the lineup you're in here compared to the one you were in with the Angels? Is it similar in any way or is it just totally different with the people around you?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: We played Boston, we beat Boston, and that's what we did last year, so we were prepared. And we lost against the Yankees. But that's what we are trying to do with the Texas Rangers.

Q. Can you describe how you felt about the way that things ended for you with the Angels and whether you want to go back or not, things like that?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: The Rangers gave me the opportunity. I had injuries last year with Anaheim, so I didn't play the whole year. The Rangers gave me a chance to play here, and I have a whole season.

Q. I was wondering what your approach is on 3-0 and whether you welcome that kind of opportunity, getting the green light on 3-0.
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: That's what they tell me, if I'm okay -- they tell me to -- if I want to take, I take it, and if I want to take a swing, I swing.

Q. The position of DH, you take a look at the teams in the American League that are in the playoffs, it seems like a position that used to be a very, very high-paying position is now a much lower-paying position. Do you think that the emphasis on what a designated hitter is is changing in the American League?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: Yeah, I cannot say a lot about that DH position, because, as I was injured, I had to play DH. This is my first year playing as a DH. I got my knee injured and my shoulder injured, so that's why I'm playing DH this year. Otherwise I cannot tell a lot more about that because it's my first year.

Q. Did you get a chance to see Halladay's no-hitter last night at all? And if you did, what were your impressions watching that?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: Yeah, I saw it, but this is the second game that is a no-hitter in the post-season, so I think it's very good for him and it's amazing because it's the second time only in the playoffs.

Q. You've been in some very good lineups. How do you think this Texas Rangers' lineup compares with other ones that you've been in?
VLADIMIR GUERRERO: Yeah, the lineup is good, but what we're always thinking and wish is that there is no injuries at all.

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